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Characters in the Bible

Amos, brother of Jesus

Augustus, Caesar (Roman Emperor) – had required the census which was the reason Joseph and Mary went to Bethlehem to register on the appropriate census.

Elizabeth, the mother of John the Baptist.  Elizabeth was a cousin to Mary, the mother of Jesus.

Herod, King of Judea – sent people out to search for Jesus.  Later he ordered all boy babies under two years of age to be killed.  Joesph, Mary, and Jesus escaped to Alexandria Egypt, not returning to Bethlehem until after the death of Herod.

Jacob, childhood friend of Jesus

Jacob, the stone mason, whose son was Jesus’s favorite playmate

James the brother of the Lord is the most likely person whom wrote the Epistle in the bible titled “James”. James was the brother of Jesus – a younger son of Mary and Joseph.

Jesus was born at Bethlehem but as a child lived in small one room structure with a flat roof and an adjoining building for housing the animals with Joseph and Mary his mother and father on the north/east side of Nazareth not far from the Sea of Galilee.

Born at Bethlehem where Jesus and family stayed about a year.  Afterwards they escaped to Alexandria Egypt for about two years avoiding King Herod’s death order on babies under a year of age.  At Alexandria, Joseph worked as a carpenter foreman  of a large group of workers employed to build public buildings.  Jesus and family left Alexandria by means of boat in the Mediterranean Sea to the port of Joppa in Judea where they traveled to Bethlehem in Jerusalem and then to return to their Nazareth home.  Jesus was about 3 1/2 years of age at this time.  When Jesus turned about 4 he met a good friend named Jacob; they were great playmates.  Joseph and Mary had a second son, James – the brother of Jesus.  Later Joseph built a small work shop where when his associates were out on other jobs, Joseph would make yokes and plows.  Jesus would help his dad after helping his mom at home.  Right before Jesus turned 5 years old his sister Miriam.

Joseph turned his work shop over to his brothers and then became a master carpenter.  This family was financial solvent from this point on. Near the age of seven, Joseph was born to Mary and Joseph.  Yet another brother of Jesus.

At seven Jesus was already proficient at two languages Aramaic and Greek.  He was now attending the synagogue where he would learn  to speak Hebrew.  Nothing but the Scriptures was studied prior to the twelfth year.  Children had to memorize and recite Scripture mainly because there weren’t that many copies to go around.  Jesus met many travelers in the hub of his dads work shop.

When entering school at seven years (at this time the Jews had just inaugurated a compulsory education law), it was customary for the pupils to choose their “birthday text,” a sort of golden rule to guide them throughout their studies, one upon which they often expatiated at their graduation when thirteen years old.  The text which Jesus chose was from the Prophet Isaiah: “The spirit of the Lord God is upon me, for the Lord has anointed me; he has sent me to bring good news to the meek, to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives, and to set the spiritual prisoners free.”

At about age ten, Jesus and his friend Jacob met up with a potter named Nathan.  Nathan was good to the boys and taught them about modeling various objects with clay.

When Jesus was about 8 years old his third brother was born, Simon.

Jesus liked to model clay and sketch as a boy but this was against Jewish custom.  Even though Jesus saw no harm in doing art, his father Joseph advised against this and Jesus abided his fathers wishes. Joseph added a workshop and bedroom to the house where Jesus became highly expert in the making of yokes.

Jesus had excelled at school and would get out early each month and spent time with relatives fishing or helping with the harvest.

At 9 years old Jesus’s second sister, Martha was born.

At 11 years old Jesus’s brother, Jude, was born.

At 13 years old Jesus’s brother, Amos, was born.

John the Baptist, son of Elizabeth and Zacharia, born in the city of Judah.

Joseph, the brother of Jesus

Joseph, the human father of Jesus – a Hebrew.  A carpenter and later a contractor.  Joseph had worked for Mary’s father when they were younger and where they met.

Jude, brother of Jesus

Mary, the earth mother of Jesus.  Her mom and dad were Joachim and Hannah.  Mary had two brothers and two sisters.  One sister was named Salome.

Miriam – the sister of Jesus.

Nathan – a potter Jesus met when he was just a 10 year old boy.

Simon, brother of Jesus

Zacharias, the father of John the Baptist.

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