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June 10, 2012 UPDATE

By keeping the works of my father, Frank J. Surface, alive I am on my own spiritual sojourn. As I learn and discover I will share with all. I am just a pilgrim on this journey and nothing more.

October 26, 2011

In Memory Of Frank J. Surface

October 9, 2011

Dad, Frank J. Surface, made two posts on Oct 4, 2011 prior to his death. He died of a massive heart attack, a total surprise to us all. Dad you are greatly missed. I will try my best to carry on what you have started. I love you Dad.

October 1, 2011

Great news, my Dad is back and in full form.  I may pop in with a small post from time to time, but with no further ado, my dad, Frank J. Surface, has hit the decks running and is in full control of this ship.

This blog was created by my father, Frank J. Surface.  All the posts until September 2011 are his.  My father has a deep understanding of religion and has a desire to share it however the computer is a difficult instrument for him.  Here lately his dinosaur of a computer caught a nasty virus and went downhill from there.  My father is frustrated with the complexities of the computer, well a lot of 80 year old folks would be.  In any case, I’m trying to keep things going for him until hopefully someday he returns to blogging.  Here is what he had written about himself:

October 5, 2009

A short profile
I am a male, born Holdenville Okla., Sept 23rd, 1931, I am at present 78 years young.

20 years Air Force, and just under 25 years as a letter carrier at the post office.

I weigh 220 pound, ugly and mean as sin.

My hobbies, collecting and categorizing material from the web., abstract type of painting. Reading and the study of prophecy, articles of which I will be posting on this site ‘Surface Reflections.’

I am married to the most wonderful person God has ever created. She has presented me with two sons, and a great life. We were married at the age of 16, the year of 1948, and have been together ever since. She is the younger sister of my brother’s wife, sisters marrying brothers. We also live next door to each other. These two sons are now in their fifties. My brother and I are both fully retired.

Albany Georgia has been my home since leaving the Air Force Dec of 1970, a wonderful part of America. The Weather is perfect, the people are great and I would not want to exist in any other part of the nation, or world for that matter.

I have about twenty or so articles of a religious nature, prophecy, and philosophy, a bit of poetry, and speculation that I will be posting for one and all to see. These were written some years back. My writing ability, as poor as it has always been, is even worse now, so my writing days are about over.

I have read the KJV of the bible several times. Each time I listed the different articles of interest under a titled category. After I had finished the readings, I analyzed, and related all like categories and came to my opinions on what the future holds, according to the Word of God.

I have lived a long life having seen and experienced many things. Along the way I have formed my personal belief system. I have been baptized by the Holy Ghost, with the evidence of speaking in tongues.

I am not a minister by any sense of the word, but I do have a lot of info on the world, and what it means spiritually. I dare not speak of my personal findings and opinions to family or friends, as they do not agree with my to them, very unusual, and untraditional beliefs. I learned that from trying in my earlier years to express them to relatives.

In school, I completed the eighth grade, and that was all I had in public school, however, I completed high school in the service via GED. English was my worst subject, so all of you will have to forgive my mistakes in grammar and punctuations. I try to use the language the best way I know in my writings. I think you will be able to overlook the mistakes and grasp the meanings I put forth.

10-5-9 —- Frank J. Surface

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