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Presenting my Father’s Works

October 14, 2013

Dad and I grew close the last few years of his life by means of this blog. My wife created and gave my dad, Frank J. Surface, this blog when he was about 77 years old. From 77 until dad reached the age of 80, he poured his heart out into this blog. A few days after turning 80, dad died.

My relationship with dad was mainly over the internet during his last years. I even started writing a few posts of my own to put within dad’s blog. Anna and I would help dad with the difficulties of blogging and the computer. After dad died a little over two years ago, I started on a spiritual journey of which I am still on.

I had no idea dad was going to die when I presented to him my idea of including posts within his blog and to start something which could continue long after dad was gone. Dad very much approved of this idea however I have not done so much with this blog since dad’s passing. So I think better late than never. Here is dad’s response from my email about continuing his writings:

Preston, you seem to be able to read my thoughts, ideas which I have and was afraid to approach you on. I would like for all my research to be where the world could see it. I see the scriptures in a much different light than do most of the religious world. There are so many deep routes within them which escape the casual reader very easily.

I know that when I am gone that they would just disappear as if they had never been, and to me that is sad. You are able to clock into the technology that I am not able to even understand, let alone use. So I certainly do agree with your ideas on the matter whole heartedly.

You do not have to understand the scriptures in such detail. Fact is they are not even needed. All that is needed is for one to accept Jesus into their heart and life, ask for the forgiveness of sins, and live a pure clean life. That is all that is necessary. Two commandments Jesus gave, follow those and nothing else is needed. Love God with all your heart body and soul, and love your neighbor as yourself, that is all it is, simple as daylight and dark. What is right and what is wrong is automatically written on your heart, you have known that from the very first, these things you do not have to learn.

What I do is because it is what I enjoy, not because I feel it is a dire necessity, I do it because I know that the scriptures are nothing more than a vast code of sorts that can be broken down to find the real meanings. As a radio operator we had codes that we went by, and I am able to see a code when it is before me, and that is what the scriptures are, codes, with key phases and key words, that hide the true meanings. The scriptures had to be inspired due to the fact that they are so closely intertwined up through all the ages.

I hope to publish all I have eventually, it will take some time, due to having to redo some of my first articles that I put up on the blog. I am doing them with different titles.

Thank Anna for helping me out with the archive thing, I think that is great what she is doing. All for now —Love Dad—

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