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Who Changed the Truth of God into a Lie

June 27, 2013

Yesterday the Supreme Court of the US claimed marriage is a union between two individuals be it either man to woman, woman to woman, or man to man. As time goes on anything opposing such unions will be in violation of some sort of thing or another. Then as time continually moves on folks will be expected to embrace and promote this style of marriage.

At the same time our Heavenly Father says not to judge and this is for a good reason. Not a one of us go without sin in our life for we are a fallen people in a fallen world living within this very fallen nation. In spite of who we are or how we got here, God loves all of us. However God is the almighty creator and supreme ruler of which every knee will bow.

You can tell God loves you if you constantly curse Him for the bad things that happen in your life and you praise Him when all of a sudden you get a windfall or something fantastic happens in your life. You can tell God loves you if an article such as this one peaks your interest even though you may blow it off as nothing. You know God loves you when you get into arguments about if there is or if there isn’t a God and you feel pulled in both directions. You know God loves you when you feel taken back when a tight rope walker praises The Name of Jesus as he walks across the grand canyon, even if you think he is a nut. These are just a few of the ways God tugs at your heart trying to get your attention. God is earnestly seeking you out and really does want your love in return, but He doesn’t demand you do so. As long as God is a tugging at your heart you are in pretty good shape and it would be to your advantage to listen to Him.

On the other hand if the tugging from God goes away and He no longer affects you, I would be quite worried for you. It is written, “And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not convenient;…” All of this just to say once we start accepting things as normal or ok, when we realize they are not, we should be careful where we tread. Once we start accepting things which are wrong as right or evil as good and this doesn’t bother us we may find ourselves given over to a reprobate mind. I don’t want God to quit tugging at my heart by means which upsets me or gladdens men, for as long as He is tugging I know He loves me and cares.

Lots of folks today have been born and grew up in gay families or extended families and such boundaries have been breached and they know no better. There are folks of same sex which have strong affections toward each other, but there is a line which should be observed; unfortunately the line has been removed. However we know within our hearts right from wrong and should obey the truth instead of the lie.

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