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Maybe We Should Fear God

August 8, 2012

I always thought it ridiculous to fear God and also love Him, did not make and sorta’ still doesn’t make sense to me. Then again I’m just someone living in the year 2012 as compared to people living thousands of years ago. I know about Presidents, Kings, Queens, Parliament, and Congress for I’ve grown up knowing about these type of leaders. However, unlike the world of several thousand years ago, I’ve never considered God as ruler over all where the nation would recognize Him in all events and decisions. Actually my nation does their best to exclude God from all events. Maybe my nation is failing because we do not have a fear for an Almighty God.

Just maybe God is all powerful and can hand us over to a modern day Israel if He should so desires. Maybe God could crush us and give our land to some other tribe of folks He better favors for they are following and trusting in Him. A lot of things have been made to be acceptable and ok in our nation, but are they really acceptable to God? Do we even care if God accepts things or not?

I’ve never really considered Gods Awesomeness every minute of every day. Maybe by considering what God has the power to do, what God has done, what God has promised, and of an eternal life which He has offered, maybe this fear/love thing is getting more understandable.

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