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Television and Radio Ministry

July 22, 2012

In my continued spiritual quest recently I came across this minister named Andrew Wommack. Good grief this guy makes a lot of sense to me. I have really enjoyed listening to him this week but I have to wonder for my father went through this same thing many years ago. Here is a quote from my dad in one of his earlier blog entries:

As a young man, just enlisted in the military, I had to drive back and forth to my station, my place of duty. On these drives, I would turn on the radio and listen to various things.

One day I happened across a radio speaker speaking about future events. This tickled my curiosity, and I stayed tuned. In fact I was so fascinated that I followed this ministry for several years. From this action, I learned many things about the spiritual world.

This individual I followed on the radio, was not your
ordinary church preacher type. He seemed to specialize in future events, with an unusual slant, all of course, based on the biblical scripture.

As stated before, I followed the radio version for several years, and was taken in by this speaker’s vast coverage of apparent scriptural knowledge concerning the future.

I found the radio speaker, though accurate in the subjects he spoke on which I found very interesting, had a bottom line, which did not seem to me as being scriptural in any sense of the word.

I found that he was interested in wealth, vast amounts of it, mine, yours, and everybody who had any. I found he had accumulated great amounts of it, and lived a very lavish life style with a fleet of autos, planes and boats, not at all according to scripture in my estimation. I no longer listen to this person, he had no credibility in my sight. Frank J. Surface

The fellows name was Garner Ted Armstrong.

I remember dad listening to these programs and receiving many brochures in the mail which he would study deeply. Dad followed and enjoyed these programs for years and years learning many things along the way. I guess dad must have spent some money towards this ministry only to be dissappointed by how the money was distributed. In any case dad throughly enjoyed this minister for years and you can’t rule that out.

So am I taking the same risk as my dad as I jump into this ministry of Andrew Wommack? Maybe so but I can’t forget how excited dad was after listening to his radio station program years ago. Dad would be anxious to check the mail to see if there was anything from Armstrong. This ministry made dad real happy and he did receive lots of joy even if he did get disappointed at the end. Maybe it was just dad’s perspective that changed… who knows.

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