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Law and Grace

July 17, 2012

Law and Grace

I have been reading the Old Testament trying to figure out God. I mean is He Loving or is He Wrathful. Does God love us or have contempt for us? Does He demand for us to obey or accept who we are and on and on. The thing is I am beginning to learn. I’ve read the Urantia, studied some on Divine Love, and listened to podcasts by Andrew Wommack. Presently I’m reading Wommack’s book titled “The True Nature about God. I have links to all my studies on this site and all are welcomed to them.

Anyways, I find Wommack very interesting. He states how God didn’t hold the folks accountable of their sins until the Law of Moses. God didn’t even kill Cain after the murder of his brother, but allowed him to live under protection. After the Law a man was to be killed if he picked up sticks on the Sabbath. God was Graceful before and after the Law. Wommack claims the world became so sinful and unGodly that something had to be done and therefore the Law. The Law allowed folks to see sin for what sin was and to prove not one was sinless. Folks on earth became so vile, cruel, and mean something had to be done before they all killed each other. Kinda’ scary thinking how cruel man can and will become without Law. Once again some populations had to be completely wiped off the face of the earth for they were so vile therefore all the bloody battles of the old testament. These folks could not be born again and were slaves to sin. At the same time they were not accountable, so sounds like they will still have a chance somewhere along the route to the heavenly gates, just not sure how.

Now the new Covenant takes place because of Jesus. The old Covenant no longer applies once one is born again. After accepting Christ, even though you are still a sinner and will continue to sin, you will be given eternal life. It is impossible not to sin, but you need not worry about that now because you under the umbrella of Grace. Does this mean once saved always saved or lost then saved, then lost then saved again and again? Neither according to Wommack, who states you are saved until you decide not to serve God any longer and willfully give up your salvation. Although you realize you sin doesn’t give the key to open the door and to sin as you like. Plus one sin say eating too much equals the same in God’s eyes as say killing someone. Sin is sin. Wommack suggests if you immerse yourself in sin, rally into sin, and so forth you are giving Satan control and losing interest in God. A dangerous thing to be doing. One sin can lead to another sin and another and before long you may stop caring altogether about God; you may even turn your back on God. Best thing is to control the sinning, keep asking for forgiveness, meditate on God, and do your best to be holy and/or live the straight and narrow.

Well I’m learning a little better as I go along.

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  1. July 17, 2012 7:47 pm

    Have you read the Gnostic Bible? or Nag Hammadi Library?

    • July 22, 2012 10:07 am

      I have heard of this bible you are speaking of and my wife has actually read it. She explained to me some about it and I am interested and will look into it soon. Thanks for the suggestion.

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