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Stepping Stones

June 23, 2012

My spiritual sojourn so far has been interesting. I am in fact learning as I make each step. It is like I take a step and then rest a while. My first step was taking over this blog my dad started. On this step I’ve learned and am learning scripture according to my dad’s perspective. On dad’s step I have vowed to continue his blog in respect of his passing so his works can be viewed for many years to come.

The next step I have tried to interpret the bible on my own but have stumped for I could not understand the hateful and mean ways of the old testament. On this step I’ve started to search for truths as they apply to me. I continue to read and listen to the audio of the old testament, I am determined to understand.

On yet another step I started studying The Urantia Book, TUB. This book has proved to be quite valuable. TUB has helped to explain the creation of this world, evolution, the old testament, and new testament. Many parts of TUB is way beyond my understanding. I have enjoyed hearing the audio of TUB and will continue to study this book for I believe I will learn from it.

Another step is Divine Love, as I am studying from this website.  Joseph Babinsky, author of the Divine Love website has been a friend to my family for quite some time and is also on a spiritual journey.  He discovered the writings of James E. Padgett a few years ago.  At the present I am reading a book of Padgett writings compiled by Joseph titled Divine Love Greatest Thing In The World.  Personally I believe God is Love and that He desires the best for us.

For me, all these different steps help me better understand the bible. I hold the bible first and foremost above all my studies. I will continue to record what I discover as I go along this journey.

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