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Bible Codes according to Dad

January 22, 2012

Never gave the bible much notice until my dad passed on. Dad was enthralled with the bible. He read it time and time again from cover to cover taking notes the entire time. Dad had, during his course of studies, discovered the bible was coded. Here are his exact words of the code:

The scriptures are codes of a sort, what I mean is, in each of them there are key words. Some time they mean just what they say, and other times they mean exactly opposite from what is said. The complete scripture has to be read and studied, compared to like scriptures.

It is hard to explain. As a radio operator, we had the same as pass words, and screen names, only they were not known as pass words or screen names. We had to code a message such as our position reports so that only the receiving end would know what we were sending. Most of the time is was with number sequences. I am unable to remember the exact methods.

But in the bible scriptures, it is all done in that manner. There are very deep meanings to be found, which one passes over in just a casual reading. God was awfully smart when he impressed those who authored the scriptures. They themselves had no idea of what they were putting down on paper. Yet, from generation to the next, it was closely intertwined in such a manner that the authenticity was very correct, coming from one source, one master author. That is one of the very reasons for my deep faith. Only God could have done this, and did it in long past ages, long prior to our birth.

So here I am making my way through the bible basically for the first time. I’m doing it because I want to and because I made a promise to my dad to keep his works alive and to expand on them. So I ask my dad before he died, “How can I possibly expand on your works for I know nothing?” Dad replied:

Preston, you seem to be able to read my thoughts, ideas which I have and was afraid to approach you on. I would like for all my research to be where the world could see it. I see the scriptures in a much different light than do most of the religious world. There are so many deep routes within them which escape the casual reader very easily.

I know that when I am gone that they would just disappear as if they had never been, and to me that is sad. You are able to clock into the technology that I am not able to even understand, let alone use. So I certainly do agree with your ideas on the matter whole heartedly.

You do not have to understand the scriptures in such detail. Fact is they are not even needed. All that is needed is for one to accept Jesus into their heart and life, ask for the forgiveness of sins, and live a pure clean life. That is all that is necessary. Two commandments Jesus gave, follow those and nothing else is needed. Love God with all your heart body and soul, and love your neighbor as yourself, that is all it is, simple as daylight and dark. What is right and what is wrong is automatically written on your heart, you have known that from the very first, these things you do not have to learn.

What I do is because it is what I enjoy, not because I feel it is a dire necessity, I do it because I know that the scriptures are nothing more than a vast code of sorts that can be broken down to find the real meanings. As a radio operator we had codes that we went by, and I am able to see a code when it is before me, and that is what the scriptures are, codes, with key phases and key words, that hide the true meanings. The scriptures had to be inspired due to the fact that they are so closely intertwined up through all the ages.

I hope to publish all I have eventually, it will take some time, due to having to redo some of my first articles that I put up on the blog. I am doing them with different titles.

Thank Anna for helping me out with the archive thing, I think that is great what she is doing. All for now —Love Dad—

Dad had not a clue he was going to die days after sending me this email. Will those whom read this blog continue to do so with me writing it? Certainly anyone reading this blog has more experience than I in scriptures and their meanings.

However it does appear I’m discovering possible little codes since I started reading Genesis and Exodus. I always knew the story about the rainbow, but in my readings I discovered as we look at the rainbow, so does God. Never knew that. I’ve learned there were giants on the earth, even though we are not blind God can open our eyes so we can see, God has prevented folks from sinning, there are all sort of angels and spirit things amongst us, divination was used by the good and upright, and then on the darker side there was the passover and The Destroyer. What the … is this? How can God do such a thing? However, I search and google the net about The Destroyer and come across The Kolbrin Bible. Of course it being 2012, lots of stuff is coming out about all sorts of calamity as has in many years past. This book being one of them, but I start reading the reviews. I think to myself God has gone to great effort throughout history for us humans to see He is God. Is it possible others have passed on such stories either verbally or written or both, which took place outside the bible. If God put forth such effort, should we not at least take a look-see at material being presented to us? Throughout my life time I’ve always been under the impression if you read anything other than the bible you might be fried on the spot, maybe by The Destroyer.

Exodus 12.23 reads… and will not suffer The Destroyer to come in unto your houses to smite you.

Is The Destroyer one of those codes my dad spoke of? Don’t know but while searching it out I come across this weird bible and decide to get the Kindle download for my iphone and check it out. What I see by just thumbing through the first few books are very similar things you find in any mythology book and stories as seen in the inspired bible. At the same time I discover some things which really ring a bell for me such as: Earth is a testing ground a battlefield where man discovers his nature. Suffering is part of the training and temperament we go through. The Kolbrin mentioned truths would be discovered throughout the ages, just like my dad had said. The Kolbrin speaks of God following man along his life journey while at the same time mitigating misfortunes and rejoicing with them at pleasant surprises. There is nothing man can give God, nothing what soever. God is the refuge of the poor and the comforter of the needy. If one wants to please God, help the poor and needy and not to line the pockets of the rich and powerful. Tribulations, adversity, and sorrows are not to looked upon as a burden but as things of value which opens the eyes to truth, tempering the spirit. That our days are numbered and we are no more than a basket holding the seeds, which will be strewn and sown by another hand. Many passages, scriptures presented were or are way beyond the comprehension of the folks of the time but for those of the future to understand. All of this sort of goes along with what dad spoke of as the hidden code within the scriptures.

Who knows… I”m just a novice recording what I’m discovering.

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