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God Murders Child Conceived From Wretched Affair

January 8, 2012

King David had an affair with Uriah’s wife Bathsheba. King David not only had an affair with Uriah’s wife, but also had a hand in Uriahs death by having him sent to the front lines of battle. While heading to the heat of battle, Uriah’s soldiers fell back as ordered by King David and Uriah was taken out by the enemy. When confronted about this sin he committed, King David asked for forgiveness from God and God forgave him but did not forget the deed done. God caused an illness to fall upon the infant born from the illicit affair. King David prayed his heart out and fasted, begging God to let the child live. Seven days later the child died. This is what the bible has recorded in 2 Samuel 12:1-15.

I’ve googled this passage and have checked several resources and the killing of the baby part is always brushed over or omitted from the story. I don’t see why. It is recorded throughout the bible where deaths of multitudes were brought on by God himself. As if life itself doesn’t carry much importance to God. Life as been compared to a vapor, a mist, and a tiny speck of sand in the scheme of things.

God has a plan and it will be carried out. No amount of praying is going to change what God is going to do. From what I’ve read, because of the position Bathsheba was eventually aspired to led to the birth of Christ.

So did Bathsheba really cheat on her husband Uriah and did King David on his own have the affair? Was there actual sin committed or was the sordid affair pre-arranged by God because it was part of the plan? In Genesis 20.6 God told Abimelech, “…For I also withheld thee from sinning against me: therefore suffered I thee not to touch her.” God had kept Abimelech from going to bed with Abraham’s wife Sarah. Couldn’t He have done the same for King David? Or just as God can keep one from sinning can he also cause them to sin? Makes you wonder if we have free will.

I guess the point of this post is all I’ve ever heard about are the glossy stories of the bible. I’m told the bible is the inspired word of God and we are to take it to heart. I go along with this but do we just take some of the bible to heart and not all of it? The fact is God killed a baby in this story. No amount of praying would stop Him for this act. Are all prayers answered, not according to this story.

I’m not trying to make God look like a villain here, just trying to get a grasp on what the bible is about. I’ve an impression that the spirit world experiences human life through us but yet we are spirit. Our body is nothing more than the dust from the ground. Rene Descartes described himself as “I think, therefore I am”. I tend to agree with that. What I do, see, smell, and hear constantly changes. Like a kid controlling an avatar in a virtual computer game, are the spirits controlling us? An avatar is controlled as to what direction it takes and what it does by the player so the player can experience a virtual world. Does the spirit, and could this spirit be our own spirit, be at the controls of a game to experience this world and we, our bodies, are nothing more than advanced advatars in their use?

I don’t see what it matters one way or the other, none of us really know anything at all other than the life we are living. We can speculate and that is about it. In my minds eye God is my heavenly father whom would never hurt anybody much less a child. I guess like all the others I will gloss over such a story for inside I know what I feel and think. I think, therefore I am.


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