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Ramblings of Dad from Jan 2009

January 4, 2012

Dad was a down to earth word for word King James Version self-proclaimed prophet of God.  Throughout the years of his life he constantly prayed to God and felt he found his calling.  This man has studied the KJV of the bible backwards and forwards and knew it better than any person I’ve ever known.

Years of study I have done,
and there is only one version that is true under the sun,
and through the pages of one, does God’s Spirit truly flow.
It is the King James Version, that is where the Spirit, bright as the sun does radiantly glow. Frank J. Surface 1-25-9

As a prophet dad spoke harshly against obvious wrongs such as folks being unable to speak the truth, the breakdown of family traditions, having to be politically correct, the ruthlessness of our politicians doing anything to secure a vote, and how the word of God can not be preached as it should because of suppression of the IRS.  So harshly did he speak about these things he truly felt if his works were ever discovered he would be in grave danger.

Up front, I will say boldly that I am far from pleasing this Satan based system.
I just imagine if and when they discover my complete works, I will be nailed to the nearest cross.
No big deal, to this world I mean absolutely nothing, and it will be no big loss. Frank J. Surface 1-25-9

To the best of my knowledge I have dad’s complete works and over time will be either introducing them or re-introducing the already published works.  Dad had three parts to these Ramblings of his.  Here is the link to the first one: Ramblings Discourse Part 1
This is a promise I am keeping for my dad.  I do not believe as my Dad however as I read his works, I learn and grow.

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