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Midnight Ponderings

January 2, 2012

Can’t seem to get to sleep with all I have racing through my mind. I have been re-typing one of my dad’s books and wondering what-the-heck. I promised my dad I would keep his work alive for as long as I can after his passing. Dad, just like you and me, had his own reasoning and logic towards his religion. Some of the stuff he has written in the book I’m re-typing is highly offensive and probably would not meet the guidelines for any public or self publishing. I understand my dad for I know how he was raised and how he lived and how his perceptions formed. To be honest with you I’ve never read all the articles in this blog, which my dad created. Oh I’ve read a few but I can say I probably differ quite a bit from my dad in my beliefs. Somehow over time I will re-introduce dad’s articles along with my spin. Not only do I have all his articles within this blog I also have ton’s of his writings not included within this blog.

What I find so scary about Christianity is how it hinges on one particular event which is the resurrection of Christ. Doesn’t matter what the entire bible speaks of. Old testament nor new testament and all the stories, parables, lessons learned, and events told and or prophesied mean absolutely nothing if the resurrection did not occur. The assurance of resurrection can only come from having faith it happened. Faith is so much different than hope. Hope is wishing with your fingers crossed this thing happened. Faith is more the assured ingrained gut knowing this in fact happened. Without this faith one will surely perish into everlasting peril. Kinda’ scary…

So comes the beginning on how I believe. I’ve never really tried to put it down into words. You ought to try it sometime. Write down what you truly believe word for word and I mean what you really believe.

There are so many different races and political boundaries and classifications of men (by men I mean man and woman). Why do you suppose this is? If all these folks could be brought together under one flag and all under the same religion with total cooperation among them would this work? According to the bible it would not because, just like the Tower of Babel, together of like mind there would be nothing that could stop them from accomplishing anything. For some reason God does not want us to have this ability.  I guess if we knew everything and could do everything we would be just like God, and God does not approve of this.  The serpent told Eve in the Garden “You won’t die.  God knows that the moment you eat from that tree, you’ll see what’s really going on.  You’ll be just like God, knowing everything, ranging from good to evil”.  Throughout biblical history God has created different races, divided our languages, and put up barriers to prevent this global unity. This is God’s desire we are all different. So how can we all possibly believe the same?

This pondering comes about because of my dad’s perception recorded in his book. It is easy to agree we all have different perceptions. When we read the bible do we take it literal word for word? Do we tend to pick and choose which words describe actual events and others which are just symbolic in nature. Which brings me back to Faith and Hope. You have to be positively certain without a shred of doubt about the event of resurrection, however it is understandable if you don’t carry this same conviction about the rest of the bible.

My belief is still forming and I truly do not have it down to 100 percent. As I continually grow older I often times worry there is nothing past the grave. However I hope there is something. Boy, if I get a chance at living again I’m going to be a master craftsman, play the piano, have a little dog, and somehow get hooked up with my wife again. Our daughter will be so happy and content in her new life as well. We will be a new and improved family, at least this is my hope and desire. This is where my belief sort of starts. The reason we are all different is because if we were the same we would become indulgent and self serving. If there was nothing past the grave what would keep folks from becoming complete sociopaths? The idea of something past the grave keeps us in check because unless you are a sociopath, you probably believe you will reap what you sow. The Karma thingie…

So as the folks are divided on purpose I figure so is religion. I think of the world globe, if you are old enough you remember seeing globes in your classroom, as a formation towards my belief. The globe can be looked at in two ways; the classic ways showing the oceans, continents, mountains, rivers, and the north and south poles. If you like give it a mental spin. The second way is the political globe breaking each piece of land into many different areas with their own flag. The political globe is constantly changing brought about by the continual struggles, wars, and whims of society. So is religion to me. Religion to me is the political way of folks trying to grasp onto their beliefs in the afterlife. This is always changing. However I do believe there is a classical view of the afterlife we tend not to see for all the religions covering it.

Is being different a bad thing and should we be segregated because we are different? The world is still spinning, folks are still striving, and life goes on be it hard or simple despite our differences. Maybe instead of trying to be like everyone else we should more concentrate to appreciate and learn from the differences and work with each others strengths. The same goes with religion. There are so many different religions and all of them are wrong or right depending which one is yours. Is it possible we might try to appreciate and learn from the differences and work with the strengths of each?

I realize the world existed millions or billions or trillions of years prior to the bible and has gone on several thousand years since the bible. I will not argue the bible one way or the other besides it doesn’t really matter for the entire Christian religion is based on faith, on exact in the gut knowledge a thing happened. I’m not saying it did or didn’t happen. I wasn’t there and did not get an eyeball view of the situation as it occurred. All I have is the bible or do I? Is there more out there? Should we ignore time before or after the writing of the bible? Would it be ok with God if we wanted to research a bit further to better build on our faith.  Would God be upset with us if we didn’t look further?  What if God has confronted and presented info to human kind before or after the bible?  Who is to say he hasn’t.  Shouldn’t we look just in case.  Certainly a major event took place when Christ was on earth that changed life as we know it. However did other major events ever take place we are unaware of? We are fortunate to have the bible, but are there other recordings of events we should be aware of? During slavery here in the U.S., slaves were not allowed to read and write for they would be able to learn about the wrongs being done to them if they did so. It was best to keep the slaves ignorant to make life easier for the slave owners. Scary thinking slavery wasn’t that awful long ago. Anyways, are we being kept ignorant by refusing to accept knowledge from other sources other than the bible? By other sources I mean the unwritten as well as the written.

To sum it up I believe we are all different on purpose and all religion is different on purpose and we can all learn and grow from each other to a degree. We are only allowed to learn and grow so far and then we fall and the loop begins again.

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