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Shared Spiritual Journey with my Dad

December 13, 2011

I’m really excited.  My sister is sending our dad’s floppy discs and such to me.  I realize I have most of my dad’s works right here on this blog, but hopefully I will find more on these discs.  Many ideas are flowing through my head right now.  I’m thinking about a shared journey with my dad through his works.  I’ll go over what he has written, study and pray over it and then write a piece based on whatever develops.  Just an idea, but it is keeping me up at night and my mind turning non-stop over the idea.

Dad had written a book many years ago and had provided me a copy of it, at least a manuscript of the book.  I’ve looked far and wide and can not find the book.  I’m hoping it will be on these discs.

Will see what happens.

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