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Dear Dad

November 13, 2011

Dear Dad,

This last week Anna and I were watching an episode from the reality show “The Biggest Loser”, where one of the trainers suggested to a contestant to write a letter to the loved one whom had passed away to help the contestant in the grieving process. I thought this as pretty good advice dad.

This is your blog dad and I told you I would carry it on for you.  The problem is I don’t quite believe the way you did plus I actually know very little about the bible.  You were a zealot, basically a modern day prophet.  You knew what you knew and no one could shake you from your believes.  All I can do is read, study, and present what I’ve learned and experienced.

By the way dad, things have not ran near as smooth as it did when you were here.  Many were the responsibilities and burdens you carried.  Now, no fault of yours, others have to carry the load.  They are struggling to get by and life isn’t too easy for them.

Your daughter really misses you.  She placed the dream catcher she bought you years ago on top of your grave.  Someone stole it…  Still she continues to visit you and plays your favorite song “Amazing Grace” on her violin.  Do you hear it when she plays dad?  She said a butterfly landed on her violin once while she was out visiting you.  Who knows maybe there are ways you can still ease and comfort us who are left behind.

Well I’ve been studying the bible from a couple of different angles dad.  I’ve an easy reading bible and the King James I’m using as I read from a little devotional.  Also I have the same easy reading bible and King James version on my IPhone.  I’m reading the bible from page one and moving forward on this route.  I take notes on a notepad within the little electronic hand held device.

The more I read the more I ponder.  I don’t have you to ask.  Questions such as:  During creation God was speaking to someone, who was he speaking to?  God put an Angel-cherubim in the garden, are there still angels about?  God put a mark on Cain, what was the mark?  Where did Enoch go?  Who were the sons of God which noticed the beautiful women?  Who were the giants?  Where did they go?  What is a clean and unclean animal?  After all entered the ark, God closed the door.  Does God still do actual physical things like that now or was it just a one time event?  During the building of the tower of Babel, God once again spoke to someone saying, “We will go down and garble their speech.”  Who was God speaking to and who helped God garble the speech of all those folks?  Is the bible for real dad?  Are these just myths?

You know when you were here dad, days would go by and I wouldn’t even think of you however, I had the comfort of knowing you were there.  Now I don’t think there is a day that goes by of which I don’t think of you.  You are always on my mind, more than ever.  I wish I would have been a better son.  There are so many things I would do differently if given the chance.  Geez… you were so much fun to email to.  Now my in box stays pretty empty.

I miss the communication dad, I miss your ways, I miss your presence, I miss your advice, I miss your understanding, and many are the days I feel a vast emptiness deep inside.  I wished you could have stayed around a bit longer.

Gotta’ go for now dad.  Was good writing to you.  Guess I will have to find the answers to my questions on my own.  Whatever it is I discover as I try to find answers to my questions I will present as posts to keep your work going dad.  Say Hi to everyone for me.  Tell them I sure will enjoy meeting them again however, ask them to be patient for I’m in no hurry to go.

Love you so much,


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