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Fear The Lord Thy God

October 30, 2011

Years ago when I went to church I enjoyed the gathering of folks and the sharing of daily activities, but as I continued going I was disturbed by the actual message being presented.  After becoming a father myself, I grew more concerned about the message of “Fear The Lord.”  Then I would hear about how God so loved the world.  I would hear God spoke of as a loving and caring father and at the same time as a jealous and vengeful father.  I can’t seem to ignore how God would punish his entire creation for the sins of two.  How God would bring death to all whom had not painted their doorways red.  Drown an entire nation only saving a few.  Create deadly snakes and throw them around defenseless folks in a desert.  How he would curse someone and all their descendents for generations to come.  Who is to say I’m not one of the descendents of someone who long ago offended God.  The basic premise of all the cursing and killing was to show and prove he was God our loving heavenly father.

Another thing I never understood at church was the teaching of the Trinity and why this was so important.  How could God be God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit all at the same time?  If so then God didn’t so love the world by allowing his only begotten Son to be killed because he was really the Son.  Which when I think about it makes me wonder was God dead?  Then if it was God on the cross, well that is not the same thing as a human.  Even with God coming back from the dead doesn’t prove we will because we aren’t God unless we are Gods.  I’ve heard various theories so I just tossed that in.

Then there are the acts of communion and baptism I don’t understand.  Some claim when you take communion the cracker actually becomes flesh and the wine blood.  Others believe it is just crackers and wine or grape juice, but represent flesh and blood.  Either way it seems very cannibalistic to me and why a Father would want you to do such a thing is beyond me.  The baptism thing is disturbing because supposedly if one doesn’t perform this act they will burn in an eternal fiery pit along with the gnashing of teeth as indicated by the loving Father.  Then some folks think getting a few sprinkles on the head will suffice while others believe you must be totally submerged.  I wonder if you should have it performed both ways just to be on the safe side.

I’ve presented all of these concerns because I am once again studying the bible and more importantly carrying on my father’s work.  My father started this blog a few years back and wrote with great conviction and I admired him so much for it.  Then he had to go and die just a few weeks ago.  Dad believed the bible to the word and truly believed in heaven and hell.  Dad feared God.  Actually I believe Dad so feared God he was afraid of God.  “Better to be safe than sorry,” my dad would always say.  Dad may very well be right.  The majority of Christendom, which is a lot of folks, believe just like my dad.  Why shouldn’t they because this is what the bible teaches.

Am I not a Christian if I don’t believe all the above?  Am I destined never to see my dad in heaven, instead accept the fact I will be burning and in torment down below?  Should I force my mind to accept all the above to be safe from an eternal punishment for not believing what doesn’t make sense to me?  The last year of dad’s life he had disturbing dreams which you can find in detail if you search some of his writings in this blog.  Also near the end, Dad was concerned about his sanity.  I believe his dreams were brought about by his failing heart which eventually took him.  His dreams was sort of like those folks who die but don’t and come back to talk about it.  Only in his dreams, dad found himself lost not knowing the way home and barely making it back each time.  These were not pleasant dreams at all.  I believe Dad knew his heart was failing him again and time was short.  Dad realized he had published all his works and knew I would carry them forward.  Even though Dad’s work was complete I believe his “Better safe than Sorry” theory weighed heavily on him.  Dad really knew the truth inside of him all this time, but was afraid to accept his known truth.  In the post In Memory Of Frank J. Surface, Dad admitted his known truth.  God in the bible, our loving heavenly Father as taught did terrible awful things to show who he was and the power he has.  However when I had asked my dad what he personally thought of power this was his response: “As far as power, that is the ability to have love in your heart to such a degree that those about you do for you due to the love that radiates from your heart to them. It does not have to be spoken, just by the actions one takes, love shines forth as the sun on a bright day. Love is power, no power can match it. As God stated, it can move mountains. Power is That love I have for my God, my family and my home. I have no desire for authority over others as power indicates, just to be able to provide what is needed from my loved ones.” [Notice dad said, “…do for you due to the love that radiates from your heart…]  Dad did not say, “…do for you for the fear they have for not doing…”  My dad believed Better safe than Sorry, but I think he was wrong and this was one of the reasons he questioned his sanity at the end.  What a pitiful shame.  Just because one might have had a bad thought, was not baptized, did something wrong (as we all do and will do until we die), we have to fear an eternal punishment.  It is always taught how undeserving we are, how humble we should be, and especially how fearful we should be of God our Loving Father. All of this goes entirely against common sense.

If the God of the old testament had a boss I would certainly have turned in a complaint against God.  If asked how God could have done better, I would have responded:

First stop all the killing.  I mean he made a command “Thou Shalt Not Kill.”  but yet he kills in droves.  This is like saying do as I say and not as I do.

Second I would suggest God could try healing the sick, hugging the broken hearted, providing for the needy, and protecting all from harm.

Third I would recommend God to reward plentiful and continuously.  Really if you rewarded good behavior all the time instead of punishing the bad so much this may work better.  Obviously the punishment doesn’t work for there continues to be so much wrong.

Fourth it would be so nice if God would show himself, at least in one’s heart, in such a way we would really know he is there.  Seems unfair we have to go by faith and trust alone, appears to be a one-way street for the believers.

I don’t know about other folks, but I actually have to see something or be able to research various different sources to know if something is true.  Is there life after death?  Bring a real human back from the dead from time to time to let us know what we are in store for.  Would be a great relieve to many folks to actually know for sure.

So in closing I realize I have to face this “Fear The Lord” thing.  Not sure how I’ll do it.  Either I’ll discover the bible is not entirely correct, has been revised into something entirely different from what it started out to be or I’ll just have to ignore some of the things I read from this book and believe what I know to be true for me.  All I know, or should say believe, is there must be a God because so many folks seek him/her/it out all over the world in one way or another.  I truly believe this entity/universe thingie/or whatever is loving and caring and has a plan all which is good.  I’ll use the bible and every day experiences to find my answers for these posts because that is what my dad used and I want to carry on what my dad had started.  When I get weak and old, my sister said she will carry on this blog.

So I guess this will be religion according to Preston.  I do believe everyone thinks and believes differently and I respect them all for it because this must be the way it really is.  For it is written, “It is written on your heart.”  It did not say a carbon copy was written on the heart of all.  I believe each has a personal set of instructions.  The bible serves as a guide, but one shouldn’t hold back the truth they know inside.


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  1. Light Worker permalink
    October 30, 2011 5:22 pm

    Very well put. I agree with all of this as well. I always wondered how a preacher or priest could tell us that we will burn in the fires of hell for sinning, while God was supposed to be a beautiful, loving God. It was a bunch of mixed messages coming through and didn’t make sense. There are so many messages in churches and organized religion that just don’t completely make sense.

    Good blog. I’m following!

    • October 30, 2011 10:08 pm

      Thanks Light Worker for the comment. This is my dad’s blog which I just took over recently so I’m pretty new at this. I never ever wrote about religion before, so I’m sort of shooting from the hip.

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