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Peacefulness and Relaxation

September 11, 2011

It is Sunday morning as I am up and writing this post. My week is behind me and I’m feeling good. Listening to some pretty music and I have my little dog beside me, life is sweet. So I turn to the bible to see what I could find in regards to kicking back and having a swell time. In Luke I come across the story about a farmer whom has worked hard, has prospered, and now wants to kick his feet up and relax. Then WHAM BAM… God appears and tells the farmer, “You gonna’ die tonight, so much for taking it easy. All your stuff, who gets it”?

So this sort of upsets my mood. What is wrong with a hard working man getting what he justly deserves? Things like this I’ve never really understood. Like the Job story. I mean don’t take away my family and later give me another, like that will make up for all the pain. I’m a simple person and don’t understand how a loving God would ever cause harm on anything.

So I read a little more into Luke to help me better understand this situation with the farmer. Jesus went on to tell his disciples the rest of the story about the farmer. The jest of the story was the farmer had worked so hard all his life to get all his stuff and now in his older age he wants to relax. The irony is God wanted this farmer to relax much earlier in life. God would have and did provide for this farmer his entire life. I guess it means like the farmer should have depended more on God to provide all along and life would have been so much easier for him. The story went on to say the sparrows never have to worry about food and we mean so much more to God than the sparrows so why should we worry about food? Other things said to explain this situation about this farmer was, “Has fussing in front of a mirror about wishing you were taller ever gotten you taller? Why then fuss at all? The wildflowers of the fields don’t fuss about their appearance but have you ever seen such beauty? The ten best dressed men and women of the world would pale in comparison. The idea being if God takes such good care of the sparrows and wildflowers, don’t you think he will take care of you, take pride in you, and do whatever he can for you?

So my mood is beginning to upswing and I’m feeling a little better. So I start to thinking about not only my job situation, but on the entire job field as I know it. In all jobs there is a chain of command which one can freely climb depending on how hard he/she applies themselves and how well they can play the political games. For the most part we all accept this. However are we successful? Look at the world’s economy. Look around at your friends and relatives, how well are they really doing? Doesn’t there seem to be too much worry in everyone’s life? Does all look honest and fair to you? Maybe we have gone about the job market all wrong. With the idea God will provide, I don’t think this means you can be stupid and do nothing and not even bother applying yourself. Maybe it means do what you do but don’t worry about it (depending on God to handle the snags) and relax more often. Maybe then, if we all could do this, we wouldn’t be so power hungry and greedy.

Jesus goes on to tell his disciples not to be so preoccupied on getting things but more on how to respond to God’s giving of things. Concentrate more on God and his ways and your daily needs will be more than met, as with the sparrows and the wildflowers of the field. Don’t be afraid of missing out for God wants to give you the Keys to Heaven itself.

This brings hope to me and makes me feel good. However there is one hang-up. For this to really work you have to believe there is a God. I never could totally believe the intangible even though I want to. I believe as much into God as the next man I would suspect, for no-one I’ve ever known has ever seen God or heard his/her voice. I really do not understand the concept of God. I mean could God be the Universe thing some folks describe? Some describe God as many parts with us being one of them. There are so many different thoughts on this subject, and truthfully I believe a fellow can believe what he wants too, but we all know, as far as religion goes, no-one knows anything except for what they feel inside. Today, inside I feel pretty good after discovering this passage in Luke.

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