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Songs of War and the Seraphim Angel

September 7, 2011

I had another afternoon off from work and thought about the many things I could do around this old farm house which is in great need of repair. After thinking about all I could be doing, I wound up messing around with the computer while listening to music. I like finding soothing piano music to download into my ipod. However this one album I was after was only listed with iTunes so I had to download the entire iTune format thingie because I’ve never used iTunes before. I’ve used both Rhapsody and Napster. Wasn’t so easy for me and I ran into a few snags along the way. Actually my ipod or little music box thing is not compatible with iTunes, but I got around that. Long story short, my word of the day is Music. So begins my bible study.

I type in “music” into the on-line concordance and come up with nothing. The word music was not in the bible… Geez… So I go on-line to a thesaurus and used the word hymn and only two verses in the NT come up and were not all that interesting so I used the word melody. This worked pretty good.

I stumble across a verse where Isaiah is telling some woman she is a whore and for her to go around some city and make sweet melody, sing songs and see if you will be remembered. Right off I figured this wasn’t a nice thing to be calling a woman and second who the heck is Isaiah? So I go on my google search….

Come to find out the whore actually was symbolic of the city of Tyre and it’s whorish ways. Further research describe Isaiah as a prophet who was actually singing songs of war against the nations of Isarel or something like that. The singing songs of war kinda’ fell in line with music… I liked that. Then I discovered the Seraphim Angel….

In the first part of the book Isaiah in chapter 6, this Seraphim Angel snatches this really hot coal, using tongs, and touches Isaiah’s mouth with it and this was a good thing. Somehow this act wiped away all the sins from Isaiah and right off the Master, I suppose God, gives Isaiah this fantastic mission. Pretty cool stuff…

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