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August 21, 2010

All of the prophecies describing His first appearance on earth have been fulfilled, all cumulating with the virgin birth, and His accepting himself for what He was, the very Son of God, made flesh, and walking among men. Here to fulfill his role as the Saviour of man.

Since all the prophecies of his first walking on the earth were so accurate, then it can be safely assumed that those pertaining to his second appearance will be just as faultless, and can be depended on with rock solid faith. When to expect his return, what a controversy. Many theories, and speculations, very few based on biblical accounting.

Most of the mainline denominations preach a ‘secret’, ‘imminent’ return. It is at this point where they have injected something which simply is not there. None try to dispute what the one who is shouting gibberish, is in fact saying, because he is frantically waving a bible in the air over his head, this somehow makes him an authority. A simple
explanation, he is playing on emotions.

People accept as truth that which isn’t, when high emotions are involved. It is just ‘assumed’ that what he is spewing forth is the gospel. By surrounding the core of his message by a lot of none relating scriptures, he deadens the senses to what in fact he is saying. At first it is not noticed, however, the seed is planted, and later it springs forth, bringing forth distorted fruit.

A phrase somehow gets stuck in everybody’s craw, and they swear by it come hell or high water. ‘As a thief in the night’ is such a phrase. By close research, this term relates to a different matter all together. Of course, what is coming as a ‘Thief in the night’, and just as predicted, has caught the churchized in a deep comatose stupor.

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