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July 24, 2010


1 Sam. 11
[7] And he took a yoke of oxen, and hewed them in pieces, and sent them throughout all the coasts of Israel by the hands of messengers, saying, Whosoever cometh not forth after Saul and after Samuel, so shall it be done unto his oxen. And the fear of the LORD fell on the people, and they came out with one consent.
2 Chron. 14
[14] And they smote all the cities round about Gerar; for the fear of the LORD came upon them: and they spoiled all the cities; for there was exceeding much spoil in them.
2 Chron. 17
[10] And the fear of the LORD fell upon all the kingdoms of the lands that were round about Judah, so that they made no war against Jehoshaphat.
I find something rather strange about this ‘Fear of the Lord,’ there seems to be a fear for physical safety, a fear of danger from the ‘Lord,’ rather than from man. How is this fear to be viewed? Was there a real and imminent danger from the ‘Lord’ that these people of that day had? They were threatened by this very real ‘Fear of the Lord,’ from whom, and where was this danger that all seemed to be aware of?

I have a personal opinion concerning this, this ‘Lord’ all seemed to be deathly afraid of, was one from above, from a vehicle that hovered above their heads, a very harsh and cruel task master, who dealt out punishment should their commands be not followed.

I view this fear as out of the ordinary type of fear, in that the danger would come from an unknown source, and do bodily harm if the command for obedience is not obeyed. In this case the ‘Fear of the Lord,’ was to be taken literally, something that would cause bodily harm.

This is not the same ‘Fear’ that we of this day have of the Lord. However there is that ever present fear of winding up as a hot dog in hell, and with my knowledge, this can really come about. So I suppose we have a fear of sorts. None of today take it all that seriously. That is with the exception of me, I take it literally, to mean if I do not keep my act as it should be, I could become Satan’s Saturday afternoon bar-b-que. Not an appetizing thought, especially to me.

Jesus came to earth, and in doing so, did away with that physical fear from a harsh and cruel task master, that was always present to deal out harsh punishment when it’s voice was not obeyed.
2 Chron. 19:
[7] Wherefore now let the fear of the LORD be upon you; take heed and do it: for there is no iniquity with the LORD our God, nor respect of persons, nor taking of gifts.
[9] And he charged them, saying, Thus shall ye do in the fear of the LORD, faithfully, and with a perfect heart.
The person can be a president, or a pauper, makes no difference to God. He does not judge by a man’s position in this life, he is judged by the character of his walk in life. In a word, he has the same respect for me as he does for Jimmy Swaggart, Billy Graham, or President Obama, makes no difference to God.

He does not take gifts, there are no earthly gifts worthy enough to give to the one who owns all the wealth of all creation. The gifts he treasures most are one’s actions toward his fellow man, the nature of one’s character. That spiritual part of man. God is not overly concerned about the physical side of life, other than how it affects the spiritual, such as gold, silver and sex.
Job. 28:
[28] And unto man he said, Behold, the fear of the Lord, that is wisdom; and to depart from evil is understanding.
Wisdom is that ability to use wisely the knowledge one has accumulated. Knowledge of the Lord, and what he is all about, is the knowledge needed in order to have understanding. Understanding of what is, or is not evil, and to act accordingly, that is the wisdom of man. How one acts toward the riches of the world holds no value to God.
Psa. 19:
[9] The fear of the LORD is clean, enduring for ever: the judgments of the LORD are true and righteous altogether.
Psa. 34:
[11] Come, ye children, hearken unto me: I will teach you the fear of the LORD.
Psa. 111:
[10] The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom: a good understanding have all they that do his commandments: his praise endureth for ever.
Prov. 1:
[7] The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge: but fools despise wisdom and instruction.
[29] For that they hated knowledge, and did not choose the fear of the LORD:
Many there are today, in fact the largest portion of humanity, is foolish in the eyes of God, due to not acknowledging God as a standard for their lives. They seem to view Him as some sort of myth out of a fairytale. Some sort of wispy, wimpy, weak kneed individual who has no strength, nor knowledge. Worst still, they disregard the fact that not only is he very real, but has a very hard and fast plan for this planet and those who inhabit it.

When one is pointing a loaded weapon at your head, that is a very real fact and has to be dealt with. A very real action on this very level is in the works with God, He is just before becoming very real to one and all on this earth. His plan is just before coming about.

I just imagine this has been loudly preached all down through the ages, and my voice in saying the same thing is very similar to a whispering breeze in the tree tops. Something to mull over for a moment, and then quickly forgotten.
Prov. 2:
[1] My son, if thou wilt receive my words, and hide my commandments with thee;
[2] So that thou incline thine ear unto wisdom, and apply thine heart to understanding;
[3] Yea, if thou criest after knowledge, and liftest up thy voice for understanding;
[4] If thou seekest her as silver, and searchest for her as for hid treasures;
[5] Then shalt thou understand the fear of the LORD, and find the knowledge of God.
When one devotes his life to searching out the ways of God, and follow all the rules and regulations which are clearly outlined, then comes the real knowledge, the real ‘fear of the Lord.’ However, it is to be the centermost important thing in one’s life, it must be as one who is diligently in search of the riches of the world. When at last God has been found, and soundly implanted in one’s heart, it is to be treasured above all treasures of the earth. It is of far more worth than life itself.

Actually there is no real concrete way to describe it to the one who is spiritually dead, who has no interest in such, to them, it is total foolishness. I know, because I too, have been in that same position, of having somebody mouthing off spiritual foolishness to me. Things which I was not at all interested in. That being my condition prior to seeing the real light of God, seeing His very real dealings in my life. When that light at last flashed forth in my life, all else changed, all outlooks on life were different. It was like stepping out of total darkness into the bright sun shine.
Prov. 8:
[13] The fear of the LORD is to hate evil: pride, and arrogancy, and the evil way, and the froward mouth, do I hate.
As a small child I remember that I was very embarrassed when I brought my friends home. My brothers, and my father had a very foul mouth, every other word was a curse word, and this was to me, even at that young age so awfully embarrassing. Of course later in life they seemed to have cleaned up their acts. Yet, I dared not to expose any whom I had as friends to the foul air of my home due to this. Even now at my elderly age I am able to remember those days. That fowl air from ones’ language, is to me like raw sewage spewed forth without treatment.

In my years of life I have not allowed fowl language to be used in my home, it is disgusting, and it proves nothing more than the small intelligence of the one whose mouth it flows from. Of course as I stated before, this was just in my earliest years at home, later on that type of speaking was never heard. I suppose my mother had a lot to do with that, I am sure she was just as disgusted with it as I was, and was ashamed that it was spewed forth in front of small children, my sisters and I.
Prov. 9:
[10] The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom: and the knowledge of the holy is understanding.
Prov. 10:
[27] The fear of the LORD prolongeth days: but the years of the wicked shall be shortened.
Prov. 14:
[26] In the fear of the LORD is strong confidence: and his children shall have a place of refuge.
[27] The fear of the LORD is a fountain of life, to depart from the snares of death.
Prov. 15:
[16] Better is little with the fear of the LORD than great treasure and trouble therewith.
[33] The fear of the LORD is the instruction of wisdom; and before honour is humility.
Prov. 16:
[6] By mercy and truth iniquity is purged: and by the fear of the LORD men depart from evil.
Prov. 19:
[23] The fear of the LORD tendeth to life: and he that hath it shall abide satisfied; he shall not be visited with evil.
The fear of the Lord is inspiration to our heart and soul, it is the saving grace which insures our status when we face judgment either with Christ, or at the Great White Throne Judgment. In this case, it is not fear as such, but reverence, love, loyalty, and respect for the One who is our creator. We of this day, this day in which Jesus is master, do not have to experience fear as did those of the early years, which came directly from God.
Isa. 2:
[10] Enter into the rock, and hide thee in the dust, for fear of the LORD, and for the glory of his majesty.
[19] And they shall go into the holes of the rocks, and into the caves of the earth, for fear of the LORD, and for the glory of his majesty, when he ariseth to shake terribly the earth.
[21] To go into the clefts of the rocks, and into the tops of the ragged rocks, for fear of the LORD, and for the glory of his majesty, when he ariseth to shake terribly the earth.
Just as in (1Sam 11:7 – 2 Chron 14:14 and 2 Chron 17:10) we have another fear of the Lord, that of bodily harm and even death of both body and soul. Of course the above verses (Isa 2:10-19- and 21) state what will come about when Jesus returns to set up his earthly kingdom. He is going to shake the earth with great fury, and I think it has already started. A few minor tremors can be felt here and yon over the earth’s surfaces even now. All had better have a very real ‘fear’ of the Lord and take to the rocks and caves because when that time comes, fear such as never before been felt will blacken the hearts of all men.

This fear of harm will be the same as was in those early years of man. Punishment for what man has foolishly done is going to be felt all over the earth’s surface. This will be that wrath that God has for those who have fallen to Satan’s smooth lures for riches and sex.


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