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June 3, 2010



Two things (Wisdom and Understanding) very few of today seem to be blessed with. There seems to be no understanding, and absolutely no wisdom used in the affairs of mankind. The only things which seem to be uppermost in the world, are sex, alcohol, drugs, entertainment and riches. God is no where to be found, He, in fact, is outlawed, forbidden to make an entrance on the scene.

What in the world is wrong with all of you, the people of the world, and this nation of America in particular? We are on the very horizon of disaster, and all that seems to be of any importance, is, who won the games, sex, styles of the rich and famous, politics and what’s for lunch.

Storm clouds are rising so fast, and so strong that they obscure all else, that is the way in comes to me. Possibly, I am overly sensitive or something, I should possibly close my eyes, and be in a state of denial, as is the rest of the world. However, I am not built in that manner. I seem to be able to see the vast dangers that we all are facing.

After one fires off a round of ammunition, it is way past time for him to say, “ Hey friend, I am so Sorry.” That is where the world is sitting now, in the crosshairs, and the round is just before being squeezed off. The target in the cross hairs of the sight, is not even aware of the impending danger. The little red laser dot is aimed squarely on the target, my friend, and guess who and what that target is, America the once Great, and all who happen to be citizens thereof.

Earthquakes of such magnitude that the dead are hardly counted, erratic type of weather, sinkholes, which swallow up homes and buildings, war clouds over Israel, madness of individuals, who kill those who happen to surround them, and now the ocean floor begins to spew forth black death, which is contaminating the world’s seas. World leaders who are unable to see any truth in God, who do not ask God for help, who feel God does not see them, and even deny his very existence. Certainly, there is a total vacuum where knowledge and wisdom should be.

These circumstances should have people by the multitudes, filling all the churches, and on their knees in desperation, not asking, but begging God for mercy. Not so, by any standards, everybody is still glued to their boob toobs, and taking in what is displayed before them, thinking with blank minds that this news is real, and is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. They look no further than the tip of their nose to confirm, or to search deeper into the septic tank of the world for what is REALLY taking place.

They gulp down this propaganda, as if it was real, things, which are supposedly actually taking place in the world. Nothing more than waste products from the body, in knowledge. What is displayed as news to the world, holds no more valid material, than the commercials which fill in those time periods where nothing else will fit.

People, open your eyes, and see the world around you, the world which is coming apart at the seams, with desperation, fall to your knees, and beg God with a pure and sincere heart, for mercy, to save our nation, to save our world. It is to that stage where, if you do not recognize God for who and what He is, all will be lost, time is running out.

A knife has been plunged into the heart of the earth, and it is bleeding to death, the blood is filling the oceans. It appears to be slow at the present, that however, is an illusion. The reality of the matter is, this flow of blood can not, and will not be halted, or even slowed down with any measurable affect. There is a very slim chance that it will be slowed down, but I doubt seriously if it will ever be completely stopped.

Hate is filling the hearts of men, as the poison is the oceans, and they are becoming insane with rage, unable to control their animalistic outbursts of savagery. Families are falling apart due to lusts of the body, lust for riches, and lust for alcohol and drugs.

Nations are shaking their fists at each other, rattling their swords, and threatening all out war, hiding within their arsenals, weapons of such force that the world can be instantly destroyed by them. What are we doing, sitting on our hands leaning back on our thumbs, and laughing with glee, while under the influence of our mind-deadening alcohol and drugs. Totally ignoring the outside world, as if it did not exist. It will not be long, till it will make itself known, to me, to you and to the idiot which is out of it completely.

Since the beginning of time, there have been idiots such as I, who have yelled out with insane vigor, “THE WORLD IS ENDING,” in fact, it has been shouted so much, and so often, that the world has deadened it’s ears to the continued shouting of these same long, monotonous, and very boring monologues, filled with endless scriptures. After so many repetitions, the mind becomes dulled to any validity which might be in those warnings. This has been the beaten pattern since time began.

With my warnings, I must add myself in that same category. Even I become irritated at myself along those lines. I oft-times feel, what is the use, give it up, anybody with a sane mind, has no desire to listen to your, seemingly senseless babblings. Seems stupid, but I can almost rationalize that as being quiet reasonable.

Why would one of such magnitude as God, give to such as I, inspirations of such worth and weight, as prophecies pertaining to the ‘End Times’? I am a very simple minded, highly undereducated, and stammering fool, why would God even spit in my direction, let alone give inspiration?

Folks, it even baffles me to even consider such a thing. Yet, I feel in my heart a deep seated conviction that, Yes, He has indeed given me these inspirations, and it is my duty to do what I feel is right, and that is to display them before the world in the best manner that I am capable of. That is the reason I sit here, hour after hour, ignoring my wife, who is constantly complaining about the endless hours I sit here, ignoring her.

Now, when these warnings, (earthquakes, weather, poisons in the ocean, wars), etc., are given, they are totally ignored, and that is understandable. But, that does not in any way dilute the valid truth of the matter. The world itself, the planet, is not going to end any time soon, but if things are not quieted down, humanity and life of all stages, may soon end. If the oceans are killed, life is doomed, we depend on those oceans for our life, and it is being poisoned, and no noticeable actions seem to be offered to stem the flow of the earth’s blood.

Nations are in a death struggle, one with the other, and nothing with intelligence is being done to soothe shattered nerves. Ignorance marches on with unbridled pride. Peace is not in the picture, due to hate, and lust for riches. This can be seen with the naked eye, and it is ignored, people appear to me as being completely blind.

No enthusiasm for God to intervene and save the day, no asking for forgiveness, no faith in what God can do, and is going to do. How can a people be so blind? When nations have at their disposal, weapons of such force, logic will prove that some idiot will eventually detonate one of these weapons, and boom, we are dead. Too many insane idiots in the world for this not to happen.

This is proved by every day actions seen in the daily propaganda outlets. Almost daily one can read where one who has become insane takes a weapon, and mows down all those who, unfortunately, happen to be close by. Soon one such as this will be able to have at his disposal more than a simple hand gun, but a weapon such as the world has never before experienced, and unless God takes over, we are history.

Somebody, thousands of years from now will dig down and find what we use to be, and wonder to themselves, why were they so stupid? Could they have not listened to reason, and used logic to solve all those problems?

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