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May 8, 2010

[48] What man is he that liveth, and shall not see death? shall he deliver his soul from the hand of the grave? Selah.
Death, we all as humans will at one time or the other come face to face with it. Whether we like it or not, we will all die. It is a mystery which has plagued mankind since the first human walked on earth. None who have been on the other side of the dark black curtain of death, have returned to record their experience.

Many will come back with a very resounding reply, “Jesus came back,” and he did… there is no doubt. Was he a human such as you and I? No, his father was of another source, the sperm which was injected into Mary came from an outside source, she was a surrogate mother for that source. Due to that, Jesus was not totally one hundred percent human as we are. His death, horrible as it was, cruel as it was, was a death totally different. The death of his body itself, may have been the same, but not what took place just prior to his death, and just after.

His Father, the source of the sperm that impregnated Mary was Spiritual. His Father was not the same as your father, or mine. He had powers far beyond what we as total humans have. One outstanding power he (Jesus) had, which we do not have, is that of being able to remove his own life, which he did before the fatal plunge of the spear into his side. Just that one fact alone, without even considering the ‘Sperm’ issue is enough to convince me that he was not a total one hundred percent human as we are. I am unable to ‘will’ my spirit to leave my body, and leave my body totally lifeless, totally dead.

He was able to take what constitutes human life, from his human body at any time, and this he did just prior to the spear which pierced his side. His body was dead before the pain of the spear. Not one human has that ability. With some sort of weapon, yes, but not simply by willing it to come about, as did Jesus. Therefore, in that one act alone, is indication enough to prove that we as humans are not spiritual, the same as Jesus.
Eccl. 8
[8] There is no man that hath power over the spirit to retain the spirit; neither hath he power in the day of death: and there is no discharge in that war; neither shall wickedness deliver those that are given to it.
Not one human, one who has a father, which dates back to Adam, has ever come back from the other side, and given a record of what was there. Jesus brought some humans back from death, I think, but they did not record what they experienced. I have not seen any records of one who has been dead for some length and has come back to us and given us a clear explanation of what it was like to be dead.

I am not saying that there is not life on the other side, because I fully believe that there is, that is our only hope. If in this life there is an end and that is it, what is the use of living the next second, the next heartbeat? If this is the only life we have to look forward to, then all is total foolishness.

No, there has to be life on the other side, or we are living a lie, a falsehood, an empty shadow, a hundred years of uselessness. We are a cornstalk, without the ear of corn, we are the fruit tree with out the fruit, we are the earth without the sun. For everything God created, there is a definite reason, and that certainly includes something as important as human life.

Though Jesus was not human as we, He is our only hope, our salvation from death, from becoming totally extinct. We have to rely on Him for what death means, we have no other source. There are thousands, if not millions of different beliefs in the world, due to the fact that man is basically spiritual, and must have a spiritual release. Many as there are of these beliefs, none, and that include mine, can prove that their belief is the true one. There is to this point in time, no way for any to proclaim their belief is the real one, and have solid proof, in order to confirm beyond a shadow of a doubt that theirs is the true one.

As a result of the many different views, death is pictured by each in a different perspective. None, however know for a certainty, what death actually is, and what is on the other side. A ’near death experience,’ is not proof, or at least, I do not except it as proof.

In order to have proof, one must be totally dead, embalmed, buried, and have a valid certificate of death, being dead beyond any doubt, then rise up and proclaim to the world what was experienced, before I will accept the explanation of what death is.

None that I am aware of has done this. All that have gone to the grave, are still there, none have come back. Some will relate the story of Lazarus, but that is not acceptable to me, due to the fact that he did not record what he saw. (John 11 and John 12) One of the many powers Jesus possessed, which we do not have at our command, was that of raising the dead, and of course, those he brought back somehow forgot to record their experiences.
Note: Local death is going on at all times and in all parts of the living body, in which individual cells and elements are being cast off and replaced by new; a process essential to life. General death is of two kinds; death of the body as a whole (somatic or systemic death), and death of the tissues. By the former is implied the absolute cessation of the functions of the brain, the circulatory and the respiratory organs; by the latter the entire disappearance of the vital actions of the ultimate structural constituents of the body. When death takes place, the body as a whole dies first, the death of the tissues sometimes not occurring until after a considerable interval. –Huxley. [1913 Webster]
There are a great many scriptures that picture death as a form of ‘Sleep,’ (Deut. 31:16, 2 Sam. 7:12, 1 Kings. 1:21, and Job. 7:21), just to name a few, and from that, I form my opinion of what death is, a very deep sleep, a cessation of thought, feelings, dreams, no sensations of life at all.

Just a total blackness, and that is how one remains from the instant of death till one is raised in resurrection, either by Jesus, or at the Great White Throne. One instant the eyes are closed is death, the next instant revival in resurrection, with no sense of time lapse in between. Could be a minute, or a million years, it will not be realized at all. Total nothingness from one instant, to the next, in a word, we are out of existence for that period of time.

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