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April 30, 2010

The world has gone sex crazy, and that is what this article is about, the sex curse God put on the male. The male has no defense against it, other than strong determintation, and a heck of a lot of suffering.

Gen 3:
[17] And unto Adam he said, Because thou hast hearkened unto the voice of thy wife, and hast eaten of the tree, of which I commanded thee, saying, Thou shalt not eat of it: cursed is the ground for thy sake; in sorrow shalt thou eat of it all the days of thy life;
Transitive verb wish evil on somebody: to appeal malevolently to a supernatural being for harm to come to somebody or something

Not only is the life of the male cursed in the ground, meaning that just to survive a man must labor far beyond reason, but also he is cursed in another very personal region of his life.

I have given the subject a great deal of thought, and from my own personal experience I have arrived at the conclusion that the male race, both human and animal is cursed. This curse has caused the downfall of many good men. It has put many six feet under in a cold, cold grave.

Why God did this to mankind, I do not know, I just imagine it has something to do with Adam and Eve. I know what I have experienced, and what I see out in the world all about me, and that brings me to the concrete conclusion which I have arrived at, that God placed on the male a very destructive curse.

What is that curse? God has put this overpowering urge for sex in all the male creatures of the earth. It is overpowering, and very addictive, something that, unlike drugs, cannot be overcome and ruled. It rules the male mind all hours of the day and night. That curse in my opinion is sex. I know from very personal experience what it is like and what it is able to do to the mind of man. Personally I have been able to master it, and not let it master me. Not so for a great many, it has overcome and ruined many, and does so each and every day.

When you see one squirrel chasing another, the one doing the chasing is always the male, and you know what he wants. When you see two birds in the air, one chasing the other, it is the same as with the squirrel, the one doing the chasing is the male, and of course the same thing is on his mind as well.

Almost each day one can read in the daily news, or see on the six o-clock television news where some poor fellow is criminalized due to sex. Not only sex, but it in all it’s perverse forms. The poor fellow is totally destroyed, his family, his career, his life. All because of this overpowering curse of sex. Otherwise the guy is great in all respects, a good family, a great career, and a very promising future. Yet, just because he is unable to control that horrible emotion, he is totally ruined in all his paths of life, when he gives in to that one devastating moment of weakness.

Many there are who are six feet under due to a jealous husband, an outraged father, or a jealous wife. All because of that all powerful temptation, and addiction of what the woman’s body has in store for him. Why did God do this to we, the male human and animal creature?
How many great men are there in prison for this same act? What do they do while there? They become perverse, and all due to that terrible overpowering drive for sex.

Just watch what happens when a bull is penned to himself, next to a herd of cows. He will do his best to jump the fence in order to get to the awaiting harem. Watch the male dog, or the old tom cat. All are the same in their actions.

The entertainment industry is no help, in fact they encourage and cause temptations to come about due to the content they produce for one and all to view. Scantily clothed enticing females gyrating and squirming in such provocative manners, which in turn tempt the weak mind of man, weakened by that sexual overdrive that is not controllable.

I have suffered beyond description due to this terrible, uncalled for torture. Yet, somehow, I was able to overcome this relentless master of the male mind, not letting it rule me. In these later years it has lightened it’s grip to the point where it is no problem any longer.

I have been in remote areas of the world, separated from home and satisfaction along the sexual line. I have been deprived in that area of emotional torture, so I know personally what I am talking about. I know from personal experience in my own life, and have seen those around me, what it did to them.

The young male does not have that weakened state of mind that we of the older generation have, as a result, it is to the very point of not being controlled. When that happens, somebody’s life is wrecked, ruined and destroyed, both the victim and the one who is responsible for the damage.

There is no help for this, they have what is laughingly called sex therapists, and clinics, what a laugh, that is on the same level as trying to change the color of one’s skin, or trying to destroy the sun. That curse is deeply in-bedded within the male, it is a very real part of his spiritual being, something which no amount of counseling, advice, nor jail time will cure. It is just as real as is his nose, ears, eyes or any other part of the body.

In my younger years, from a close friend I learned how to control this, it is artificial, but it works under extreme conditions. Without it my life would have been totally wrecked.

I did not fall for these traps set out by the government, which are there purposely to ensnare the poor unsuspecting male. It is sexual harassment of the worse sort, and it is not the male who is at fault, it is the government who is harassing the male. These traps are planted within the military. God help the poor soul that loses control and grabs the bait. What are these traps, it is placing females in a very male environment, such as remote battle fields, on decks of the battleships, and now I hear they are going to place them in the submarines. How terribly cruel our government is, who is able to describe it?

I have noticed that the political field is also affected in this manner, they by being mostly of the male gender, are not excused, their own body is in control, therefore their sex over drive is just as overpowering with them, as with the rest of us useless eaters. It destroys their lives in the same manner as with the rest of us.

I have prayed endless prayers for the strength to overcome, while in overseas assignments, away from the wife for long periods of time. By constant prayer one is able to gain a measure of relief, but not total relief by any means. The prayer is similar to giving a man dying from thirst a thimble full of water.

Many are those of the military that have been cruelly convicted on this account, and this to my way of thinking is out of reason. The wrong victim was tried, it should not be the innocent male, it should be the supervising government that set the trap and let it snap on the poor vulnerable victim.

My prayer is, that in the next life, the one following this one, God will cleanse that curse from the male, completely eradicate the sexual desire from whatever body we may have.

No amount of trying to convince me, will have any affect on my opinion concerning the over sexing of the male. This terrible affliction which has a relief, but that relief though in front of one, is just a short, a very short distant out of reach. Always there, physically, in the media, on the television screen, just a short step away.

Yet, though so very tempting, and tantalizing, it is forbidden fruit, which must not under any circumstances be eaten, not even one small bite. To do so is total disaster. I feel that this curse was established when Adam and Eve were evicted from the Garden, and it was over this very same thing, which Eve committed with Lucifer-Satan in the Garden, that the male has been cursed. Something that he really had no control over.

God placed this curse of over sexuality on the male, and on the female he also planted a curse, that being her periodical menstrual periods. In both cases, for the male and female, it pertained to sex.

On the other side of death, I hope we do not have this to plague us. Yet, something just came to me. In the scriptures, Genesis chapter 6.
Genesis 6:
[2] That the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair; and they took them wives of all which they chose.
In these scriptures it states that the ‘Sons of God’ saw the daughters of men, and took them for wives. To them were born giants, men of renown character. This sort of gives me some information which voids what I am praying for on the other side of death.

The very Sons of God saw the human female as fair, (beautiful, and very desirable) and took them for wives for the very specific act of sex. If the Sons of God have these same sexual characteristics, then the same thing must in fact be in store for the male when he leaves this life for good, and enters the spiritual. So the curse must follow even to those levels. Possibly sex is the hell created just for the male. Who really knows?

Check out the men of old, and especially the kings, how many wives, and concubines they possessed. This curse has been our cross to bear since Adam. Some are fortunate of course, they have the riches needed in order to buy what is needed in those areas of life. However, they are very few in number, the largest portion of man does not have that luxury. It has no respect for religion, check out what is taking place within the Catholic denominations.

Sex has always been the downfall of mankind, and we are to abstain from it due to our faith in God. It is a cross that only the male sector must bear. Very few if any of the opposite sex have to suffer from this, that is very few that I have ever heard about. No doubt there are some, but not on the level as that of the male gender.

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