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April 21, 2010

The thoughts which have filtered through my mind on this day, which will in a few hours be tomorrow, will be the memories of a yesterday. The many years of yesterdays, which are the histories of our lives.
Yesterday- the day before today, the day before this one.

Has anybody really given much thought as to what yesterday really is? I know I haven’t, till now. Today is the making of tomorrow’s yesterday. All through this day, the thought comes to me, what I do now will come to me tomorrow, as what took place yesterday. What we do now, is unchangeable when the clock turns over and it is tomorrow.

On the other hand, just when is tomorrow? It is the day after this one. It is never yesterday, nor is it ever tomorrow, it is always now, today. Reality is the now of our lives. Yesterday is gone, not to ever come again, it is unchangeable, whereas tomorrow is the future, and what is done today is the history of tomorrow, which itself does not ever come about, as when the clock turns over it is always today.

Our actions of the moment are carved in stone, they are in the path which is behind us. Our action of the moment can change the path which we face, but is unchangeable when it is to the our rear.

Therefore I consider the actions of this day very important, in that they are there in our past forever and ever. They may and usually are, very insignificant, yet, very significant in the fact that when tomorrow becomes today, those small insignificant actions are imprinted on the pages of history forever. Just as the commandments of God were burned on the stone tablets.

Every action should be heavily weighed, as to how it has an affect on me, or those about me, due to the permanent nature of things. Our words, which most of the time are nothing more than fluff in the air, are also in our past permanently. Words, like actions, should be considered carefully before they are uttered. Once the word leaves our mouth, it is there forever. Once spoken, it can not be un-spoken. Apologies for that word, or changing that word is possible, but not the original word, it is out there in our past carved in stone.

All of the above also applies to our spiritual life, our life in the spirit is just as real as the one we live physically. It has to be formed in such a way that when it becomes permanent, that there are as few flaws as is possible. The only path making that possible are the laws of an all knowledgeable God, One who is all, and knows all, and who created all. For that reason I dwell on His ways both in my bed and on my feet.

Many are the flaws in my life, both in my bed, and on my feet. They seem to follow me like my shadow. They come in my dreams, and they come by numberless temptations during the day. Life is filled with these bumps in the roads of our lives. I feature life as being a time period of testing by the all seeing God, we have been given life in order to test our abilities to face all these tests. How we are finally judged is finalized by the result of how we did with all these rough places in life.

We are to be spiritual, yet, not fanatical, we are to be reasonable in our ways of life, but not overbearing on ourselves or those about us. We are to use common sense in our ever day living, making it the right memory, when tomorrow at last is today. In a word, today is all three, it is yesterday, today, and tomorrow. We are the master sculpture of our lives, we have the final word on how it is formed.

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