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March 18, 2010

The never ending saga of a never ending entity, God.

Humanity is created and placed in an environment suitable for it’s survival. A couple of factors are placed within the environment to test the endurance and mental capacity of this living image of man. These two factors are two keyboards of two different and very complex computer systems.

The first computer system contains all the information needed to obtain life everlasting and the other computer lists all the ways of the world, information from past civilizations and what man is able to obtain for himself, it also lists the different methods to obtain vast wealth, which is needed for worldly pleasures.

Neither of these keyboards are in a secure location, they are located in the very center of this paradise, the weather is constant, never changing always perfect for the man to exist in, therefore no shelters are needed for the key boards nor for the living man. A paradise that contains all that is needed for the survival of human flesh. To this man like image of God a free will to react in what ever manner he so desires is given.

A guide visit’s the paradise in order to give the man basic instructions on what he is to do. He is to tend the garden, keeping it in as good a condition as he is able to do. Of all that comes from the vegetation, and from the trees he is allowed to consume as food. However, there are two locations that he is to avoid at all costs, and that is he is to never touch the two computer system keyboards located in the center of the garden. He is warned that should he touch them that he would die.

The man has been informed that he is mortal, and that his body can and will die under certain circumstances. Therefore all mankind has an inborn fear of death, and this one individual is no different. He too fears death, and this, the guide knows. That is the reason that the result of death is given if the man disobeys and does what he has been warned not to do.

It is decided in the main laboratories that this man needs a mate, he must have somebody with which to confide, and who can correct him when he is wrong, who can keep track of all his faults. It would not be logical to produce another male figure, the female brain is best suited for these tasks.

One of a different configuration is needed. Not only that but propagation, the continuing of the human is needed since there is a time limit to his life, and at that time he will die. Two things accomplished at once, reproduction, and a method to remind the man of his faults. Too, the mind functions must have a constant path to follow, father to son, and on down the line. This must not be allowed to die out. Therefore actually three actions are accomplished by producing the female of the human species.

A sampling of the man’s DNA is taken from one of his ribs. This is used to produce his mate, a woman, Eve. God Bless her, she is now in Adam’s life, and here is where all of his problems begin. Life was so very simple and uncomplicated before she came along. Now all that will suddenly change. He will find out what it is to have to put in an eight hour a day forty hour a week schedule without fail.

To this point in time the man did not need any type of clothing, as the weather was always perfectly controlled, and there were no insects to aggravate him. So when Eve came along, they both were naked as the very day they came into existence. Each one not even aware of their being totally without body coverings, to them this was a natural state of being.

Sure would put a lot of people out of work in the clothing industry if that was the norm for this day and age. It would be quite interesting to see all acting as if nothing was unusual about everybody running around trying to keep warm in the winter, and cool in the summer.

In this paradise another factor is placed which is there to activate things and test the endurance of it’s two occupants. This factor being another human-god mix, male, the other side of the Godhead. At one time he was also in the original habitation of the Gods and gods. But he was evicted to earth, due to his fallacy, he fell in love with the vast store of wealth that the Gods of past civilizations had accumulated.

When you attach your self to something that belongs to somebody else, and try to confiscate for yourself, especially their vast wealth, you will find yourself in big-time trouble, and especially if that other one is the Godhead himself.

He had been in charge of all this mountain of treasures when he decided that why not just simply take from the Gods this wealth and have it for himself. By owning all the treasures he would himself become God of all. Of course this simply could not be accepted, therefore he was sent to earth to reside over it’s occupants as their god. If he wanted the status of god, then let him be the god of past human experiments of the Godhead. Since he is strictly prohibited from the treasures of the Godhead, he is busy stealing the wealth of the world which he is now the god of, and I might add, he is very successful in this endeavor. Owning the wealth of the world, is actually owning the world. We now have a god of our own, and his name is Lucifer-Satan.

And it is this individual, Satan-Lucifer that is in the paradise with Adam and Eve. The Godhead had him in charge of the riches of the heavens, since he failed miserably there, they then put him in charge of the two very valuable assets of the Godhead which are the two computer systems in the center of the paradise. The mystery of God never cease to amaze me.

It is here that two very distinctive characteristics of Satan-Lucifer are passed on down through the DNA line to all the rest of humanity. Again, the mysteries of God never cease to amaze me.

Of course between Eve and Lucifer, there is a sexual encounter, that is obvious, this being demanded from Eve in return for letting her have access to one of the keyboards, which is that containing all the knowledge about what the world actually contains, if one obtains the wealth to purchase it. Eve learns about the goodies of life as a reward of having wealth. I just imagine that one of the things she learned was that sex can be turned into wealth. Wealth is till the bottom rung on the ladder, below that of sex.

This is the knowledge passed on to Eve via her having access to all this knowledge. The knowledge she has obtained, and is in her mind, to be passed on to humanity via Adam. In her stomach rests the DNA containing the pleasures of outlaw sex, which is also to be passed on down the line. Two bits of damaging conditions, one is the knowledge passed by the mind, the other passed by birth from the womb. We of humanity are doomed due to this seemingly harmless bit of activity on the part of Eve.

By the way Satan does not forget to inform Eve that God did not tell she and Adam the complete truth about eating the forbidden fruit, the access to knowledge. God stated that they would die if they eat of it, which obviously they didn’t.

Naturally the Godhead knew all along what happened, as it was planned that way by leaving the two forbidden objects out in the open so to speak, with easy access to them. Eve did not get access to but one of the systems, that of knowledge, somehow the other which contained knowledge on how to obtain everlasting life she missed.

At any rate the Godhead knew the whole thing because it was simply too easy of an access to what was forbidden. Why put it there in such a very tempting way, and then to state ‘Do not touch?’ He, the Godhead knew exactly what would take place, that was the reason it was planted in such a tempting manner.

Upon seeing what took place, Godhead put on a good show about being totally disappointed about the whole affair, and then evicted both Adam and his wife to the outside world, to mix with the tribes of humanity which were the remnants of the last civilizations, ever how many there had been prior to the Garden.

It was then, and only then that he placed a very effective guard in front of the remaining item containing the elements needed to gain eternity, a security which kept any from trying to get access to it, something that he would have done for both trees if he had actually meant for them not to be touched.

To me it is obvious that what took place was exactly the plan of the godhead. If it had not been, why were they placed there? If that was their home base, then why was not an effective guard placed there in the first place? Godhead wanted both the knowledge of wealth, and the DNA to be passed out into humanity, which it has been done and done very successfully as evidenced by our world of today.

Outside in the real world, it, humanity finds itself in the midst of the past human experiments, the remnants of humanity left to propagate itself over and over again, containing the faults of the original experiments. These obvious faults are not eliminated from man for a reason, if Godhead wanted all to run smooth without a hitch, he could very easily remove the thorn.

This he will do when he sets up his thousand year Kingdom on earth. Satan will be locked away for this thousand year period, and humanity will be free. This proves that what is with us today is God’s will. If it wasn’t he would remove it, just as he will do in this future thousand year Kingdom on earth.

Out of the Garden and into the real world humanity flows as a river raging toward the open seas. Building itself into organized units in order to survive. From there it further unites with other roaming bands and forms a workable units. However there are other bands which are roaming the lands as well, and these bands finally come in contact with each other.

They then follow human nature, and free will, which causes friction between these roaming bits of human wonderers and nomads. This resulting in the killing of each other with whatever is at hand at first this is with a rock or with a sharpened tree limb.

The method of reproduction is placed more or less as a burden, somewhat of a curse on the backs of the male species. The desire for the female is overpowering and addictive to the point where the male is unable to control his normal everyday actions. As a result all manner of sexual attributes are experimented with, not only with the female, but also the male, of their own sex.

To further the crime they, the male even engages these same activities with animals. Which has resulted in this day what we have termed as myths and mythology. Due to the oversexing of the male, I term it as a curse on our backs from the hand of God. I know from personal experience what I am talking about, as I am a male, and have gone through that period where sex is all that was on my mind.

And it was in that day an emotion of the mind that I was almost not able to control. Due to this it was torture, not explainable to any, other than ones who have themselves experienced it. Like a drug addiction that is not controllable. Yes, it is a Curse, A Curse that should not be. Like being a drug addict without ever coming in contact with a drug, placed there by an outside source, far beyond that individual’s control, being sentenced without committing a crime.

When the activities of man gets out of hand, the Godhead then simply destroys the whole of humanity. Yet, from it he plucks enough seed to start the whole thing all over again. That way evolution of the mind continues without end, it is not destroyed. With this seed, the DNA is passed on down through all the generations of humanity. Within this seed, the DNA is that spirit of the entity which caused all this in the first place. So on that goes as well.

Over the centuries of time humanity progresses to the point were life becomes more suitable, and with certain degrees of this wealth life is more livable. Therefore wealth is worshipped as a god, and as a result, humanity eventually designs weapons which they are able to kill each other, and it finally comes to the point were humanity is capable of not only destroying each other, but also able to destroy the total populations of the earth, and possibly the heavens above the earth.

The mind evolves as the centuries pass, and it grows in depth, becoming aware more so of the spiritual world held deep inside, and outside as well. With this expanded knowledge comes the entrance of the Godhead, expanding the depth of this knowledge so that it will continue to grow. This knowledge of what we term as evil, the power of wealth, and of sex perverted is needed in order to shape this spiritual world of man.

It is used as a border line which one must not cross, by doing so he will lose the objective of becoming part of the Godhead. Though they, these two evils appear at first glance as being terrible, they are, but are needed as roadblocks to avoid at all costs. To fall for either one of these easily obtainable objectives is to forfeit the knowledge which was contained in that other computer system which was in the paradise, that one containing what is needed to obtain life eternal.

Each step of the way humanity is guided in the desired direction, and powers are placed so that mankind will survive. Yet through all the paths from the first initial home of paradise, this entity which is Lucifer-Satan, which was placed in the original home has been with man since the beginning. He has caused the desire for wealth to grow to the point where all the available gold and silver, the wealth of the world is drained from human flesh, and humanity is just before being totally destroyed. This is when the new path is introduced, a thousand year time frame to finish the experiment with the human mind. During this time, it evolves to the point where it can be accepted on the spiritual plain of existence.

However, Satan-Lucifer who was the god of the world to this point is kept on hold for a thousand years, where he has no influence on the mind of man. Yet, at the end of this century of time, he is turned loose on mankind again, in order to do whatever he desires. Of course he does so much damage that mankind is again in danger of being totally destroyed. And again this is prohibited by the Godhead. This final battle places Satan-Lucifer out of bounds from the remnants of mankind. At this time mankind, that which has met the strict requirements is blended into the Godhead, and becomes a part of it.

The Godhead is improved by the harvesting of the mind power developed within this last human experiment. However it desires further improvement, so it decides to start all over again with a new plan, a new humanity. An image of the Godhead figure is fabricated from the earth, and placed in a new paradise on earth, from it is taken the DNA to produce a mate, a woman so that reproduction can be in place, to keep humanity going on and on up to it’s acceptance into the Godhead. Again improvement is needed, and on it goes on and on, without end. Evolution of the mind continues on and on with out end, as a result expanding the knowledge and powers of the Godhead.

Two conclusions on the matter, a God that has always been, with no beginning, or no end. Sound unreasonable, it does to me. Then there is the harvesting of the evolved mind of man into one which is the godhead of many such evolutions. This also sounds absurd, but more logical than the first held conclusion. Regardless of which one is the real thing, it must not be held as of any importance which one happens to be true.

The most important thing in human life is to acknowledge that he does in fact exist, and honor him and yourself by accepting him and all he represents into our minds and lives. In order to obtain what most of humanity is not accepting, we must avoid both the traps of unabated sex, and the obsession of wealth, the traps set for us by the god of this present world, which is Satan-Lucifer.

The curse of sex which has been placed on the male gender of man, and the addiction for wealth, either one, or both can be the downfall of one’s soul. Yes, I consider this over powered sex drive in the human male as a curse, many a good man has lost all because of it. It is a curse as strong if not stronger than that of the love of wealth. However they go hand in hand. They are married one to the other as man and wife.

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