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February 26, 2010

A world of dismay, a world of fanaticism, a world of Lucifer.

To get the vote, the largest portions of the population must be brain-washed, and programmed to do the politician’s bidding. To seduce the vote from a great bloating section of the population, which is the black race, and the immigrants, desegregation was brought into law, which guaranteed the expected vote, while at the same time weakened and destroyed a complete society. Two prizes with one shot, how devilishly clever are the politicians of this day and age. Satan may be dumb but he is far from being stupid.

From the time that this action came into law, until this day, this nation has cracked at the seams, and has started the ever increasing decline to total oblivion.

Of course, I am not saying this action alone was the one that has caused this rotting path to destruction. No, since this one crack was formed, many laws of destruction have been put into force, which added to desegregation, and has guaranteed our destruction, not only from our national enemies, but also God; remember, God is not blind, nor is he stupid. He will not be spit on, ridiculed and blasphemed, forever, and all three of these, this nation has passed laws to do. Remember the flood, remember Sodom and Gomorrah.

Television, now, there is a whole new can of worms. It could be compared to an opening into the sewers of hell. It is on the same level as an un-flushed toilet. I have never seen such filth on open display. Of course in my day, yesterday, it was black and white, and the first images of color. The programming was clean and pure. The shows of ‘I love Lucy,’ and the Mickey Mouse Club were the highlights of the day. How different in the world of today.

No real news of the world is allowed to gain the public’s attention. We are fed pre packaged news items, fabricated and force fed to the public via all media. It is very obvious to any who are in the know that what is presented as the news of the world is carefully wrapped in many layers of propaganda. In reality, a great amount of what is happening in the world, is prohibited information, it must
not be allowed to be viewed by the public. However, in today’s world, one can find out what is happening via the
internet, it is yet to be controlled.

The internet, what a ray of sunshine that has been to this point. It is the only outlet from which the true picture of mankind can be found. Of course, like television, our enemy will find a way to totally distort, warp and destroy it. We did not have this wonderful window on the world in our day.

All entertainment is centered around this corrupt system of
today. Perversion is promoted. This is done by making two men or two women living together in perversion, as a very normal way of life; a black woman and white man, or a
white woman and a black man together, as a very normal way to live. The occult in it’s many variations is also hinted at as normal. Something totally unheard of in my day, but as the grass of last summer is gone, so is the day from which I came.

If any programming is produced pertaining to Christianity, it is done in such a manner as to throw doubt to whether God really exists or not. It is always done in a very subtle way, which is hardly noticeable. Yet, is done so that the seed is planted. He is mocked, referred to in an off-handed manner, never serious, as the creator of all creation.

When He is preached, it is under the dark collar of very strict ‘political correctness,’ where sin must not be preached against in any fashion, so what you have is a very bleached out dead type of rhetoric. A tirade of fluff which underneath belittles God and has the effect of making the sinner, and God hater feel that they are God’s gift to mankind.

To further the action against God, our enemy has outlawed him in all public places. At Christmas, there is to be no public displays of the Nativity Scene, or any other religious activity pertaining to Christ, or God the Father. This is so strictly in-forced that even some of the enemy’s own agents, the judges, have come under fire, for trying to show the ‘Ten Commandments,’ the very basic structure of all our laws, in the court houses.

What a hypocritical mound of dung our government, our enemy has become. They harp on the separation of state and church of any kind, yet have the most intimate ties to the nation’s churches via the IRS. The closeness of the IRS and the nation’s churches can be almost compared to the
marriage vows.

There is no separation of church and state, they are married one to the other. Of course, the bounding ties are initiated by the founding church in order to become tax-exempt. The preacher has willingly become an agent of the state, and must bow down to the state in order to maintain the tax-exempt status.

Due to this fact of the marriage between the IRS and the church the preacher must be extremely politically correct, must not speak out against the state, or any of it’s representatives, against Jews, against perversion, against
any of the policies. In other words, state dictates the language of the sermon, not God. How much longer O dear God will this take place? Under no circumstances must sin be preached against.

One must be extremely ‘politically correct’ in this day, or he will find himself in deep trouble with the authorities. This has killed the church, which of course was one of the many agendas. The preacher is controlled by the state, not by God. He must preach very carefully, or he will find himself without a church, and more than likely wind up in a jail cell.

Back to the subject I was on, pertaining to the television programming of ‘today.’ Sometimes I get carried away, and sway from what I had started out with. There is so much to try and describe that I become dizzy with information overload.

To further promote hate between the races the black man or woman is portrayed as a savior. In all the programs, they are the ones who save the day, they are the high intellectuals, the judges; the ones who have the best
advice, the highest ranking in the military. They are the police captains, the ranking detectives, the guiding lights of all shows.

If the show pertains to that of angels, it is always the black that is the angel, who has the highest degree of benevolence, gentleness and kindness toward the poor idiotic, wayward and devilish white person. The black angel then guides with great wisdom this poor ignorant white back to the right path.

The husband or father is always portrayed as a spineless, bumbling, comical idiotic nincompoop. It is always the white male who is at the bottom of the list as the pathetic hopelessly imbecile. This is the priority of how the race and sex gender is shown. The black man is at the top, then comes the black woman, the white woman, and at the very bottom of the garbage can is the white male.

This is the world of today, the world in which I find myself and my family. To compare it with the world of my childhood is like comparing daylight to the darkest night. There is no resemblance in any sector.

If one becomes careless and lets his tongue get out of control, the authorities will immediately be knocking on his door. If he is not careful, his language can be construed as ‘hate’ speech; must not say anything derogatory against the government, the Jews, the blacks, or the perverts.
Before long, the bible itself will be outlawed because of the implications of hate in it. It speaks against perversion in any form. I have heard rumors that in Canada this has been brought out and considered.

There are those who say we have a silent, ‘shadow’ government, which is made up of the elite rich, who are gathering all the riches to their bosoms, like a mother does her babe.

I have no proof of such an entity, however, I am able to see the results of their actions, which proves to me that they are in fact in existence, and are hard at work on their agendas to accomplish their ultimate goal of world domination, by the method of sucking the very life blood from the world, which is wealth, Lucifer’s original sin, which he gladly passed on down to the present day and age that I find myself in.

I have not accomplished any intensive study, however, I
can see what has taken place before my very eyes, that prove their existence. Every police action, shadow war, and
military action, since the second world war, has been maneuvered in such manner as to favor the Communists, who were ‘suppose’ to be our enemies.

Yet, their agendas, and ours appear to be the same. I have no proof other than what I have read, but it is said that it was our money that financed the revolution that installed Communism in Russia in 1917. I have read with my own eyes, where our government is giving money to our enemies, both Russia and China at this point in time.

These are just a few of the actions I have been personally
exposed to, and I assume they are true. Therefore, the agenda is to weaken our nation to the point where it can be easily dissolved into a world organization. These are not actions from a government that has our national interest
at heart, as they are suppose to. It is not of importance
which political party holds, office, their agendas are the same. They are legs and feet to the same body.

The world has been divided into sections, and we are lumped together with Mexico and Canada, to form one of the sections. All political parties support without resistance these actions which help divide the world as it is being done.

This could not come from spontaneous actions of political parties who have the nation’s interest at heart. By these actions alone, prove that a very silent ‘Shadow’ government has all the wealth of the world, and pulls the strings for all nations to dance by, and both our political parties dance to the same tune, and in the same manner. Therefore, I feel it is too far gone for the common man, such as I, to try and do anything about it. Just ride it out to the end. There is going to be an end to it, and I know what it is going to be.

After all the wealth is gathered into one spot, after all God’s enemies are gathered together as a footstool, He will
step down on all his enemies, and crush them as roaches underfoot, and the wealth will be re-distributed back to all from whom it was stolen.
Mat 5:5 Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth.
This tells me, that after all the fire and smoke settles, people like me will inherit not just the United States, but the entire earth. Therefore, these rich super ego maniacs had better enjoy it while they can, because neither they, nor their heirs will inherit the earth. In fact, they have a very hot future awaiting them, a future I am glad that is not in front of me. I do not own any wealth, and have no
power or fame, and there could be none much more humble or meek than I.

Since this ‘shadow’ government is composed of those who own the wealth of the world, one could safely say, they are
rich beyond comprehension. Here is what Jesus had to say
about their ilk,
Mat 19:24 And again I say unto you, It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the Kingdom of God.
The rich will die with their wealth, with the god that they worshipped. Worship of God can be satisfying, and fulfilling, and has great rewards. Yet, the rich worship their god of gold, and they are never satisfied, nor are they ever fulfilled, and they have no reward, and their future in eternity looks terribly hot.

Let the politicians scourge the earth for votes, let the rich elite draw what enjoyment they can from their riches, because in both cases, their enjoyment is only temporary.

As a child I was exposed to one of the best educational
systems the world has ever known. Obviously at that time I was not aware of this. It would have made little or no difference to me if I had known. At that stage in my life
education meant very little to me. The reason being, I could not see how learning all the dates of past history could possibly help my future.

When Christopher Columbus lived and died meant nothing to me. When Louisiana was discovered, and by who, was of no value to me. Knowing the Capital of Georgia had nothing to do with the pay check I would be getting in the future.

No, I could see very little reasoning in what was termed as ‘education,’ other than machine shop. In math and in the learning how to read, in these three basic subjects I could see some benefit for the future, but none of the other stuff
offered as education appeared of any value to me. Why cram one’s mind with great amounts of useless information.

I felt that way then, and my thinking today, seventy some
odd years later has not changed. I have found that, that fault is still very much prevalent in what is termed as ‘education’ today. In fact, I have found that education today limits valuable learning even further than in my day.

My level of learning is not the object of this writing, nor is it of importance. The level of my education can be seen by the quality in what you, at this moment are reading. It speaks loud and clear, without me having to point it out.

Contrasting the world of today to what I remember it being, is the basic aim of what I am saying.

At that time, the time I was obtaining what little education
that I have, the forces had been put in place to destroy it. Should the spiraling decline continue at the speed it has reached, it will not be long till the graduates of our high
schools, will have descended to about the same level as the
cavemen sitting about their campfires in their caves of the ancient past.

What we have today is not an educational system, to the contrary, we have an indoctrination program of dumbing down to the lowest level possible. Our system of learning was too great, it had to be designed to where it would produce idiots out of young minds, and this is being done very successfully.

Another of the Communists goals has been attained, which threatens the very fabric of our once great nation. The record speaks loud and clear for it’s self. Why are there so
many private schools? Why do people home school their children? The bottom line for alternative education is based on the race issue.

Quality education does not come from the public system, therefore to get any education at all, it must come from the home-schooling or private schooling. Regardless of the propaganda spewed forth from a decayed political system. That folks is the world of today, not of yesteryear, but the real present time.

Should there happen to be any future for this nation, which I doubt seriously, it will be on the shoulders of those who came through either the private or home school systems. They cut out all the gobbly-gook that is taught in the public systems, and teach only the basic things that are needed in this life.

In the public system there are good wholesome subjects that a child needs to learn, and they are taught, grudgingly, and very sparingly. They must sacrifice all the other good subjects due to the fact that it is mandatory to take all the other meaningless subjects. Therefore out of possibly eight or ten subjects, only one or possible at the most, two are relevant to the future of the child. He is drowned in a sea of

Far worse today than in the yesteryear. Even at the early stage of my life, I could see the uselessness of most of the subjects taught in school. Now it has grown much worse. In fact, very little of any value what so ever is taught in today’s public systems. In the public system, the greatest portion of sensible subjects are blotted out by the mandatory ideology subjects that are not only useless, but actually harmful.

In the private system, some of those subjects of the ideology theme are taught, which distorts the others, yet it is still better than the public system in that most of them teach Christian values. God is outlawed in the public system.

In home schooling, all the senseless ideology is dropped, and only the basic fundamentals are taught. In most
homes, the dictates of God are also taught as part of the cirrocumuli. Of the three methods, home schooling is much superior. The home schooling of today measures up pretty close to what the public system was when I was a child.

I feel that those who have planned the destruction of our nation, felt that the educational system was not decaying at the speed they desired. Therefore, they had to devise
something that would accelerate it so that the goal could be reached at the appointed time.

How devilishly clever they are, they did devise a plan that did just that. Play on the emotions of the politicians, they desire votes above all else, including God. Politicians will slit their mother’s throats, sell their wives and daughters into prostitution and sell their fathers, sons and brothers into slavery, to obtain a vote. The closest thing to Satan worship is the politician that is searching for campaign votes with the resulting rewards of massive amounts of gold and silver riches.

They are constantly on the lookout for potential block votes, and what better block than the black race. But in order to obtain that block, something had to be done that
would be profound, something that would insure a solid secure vote, not only for the present, but for the fuute. Therefore, they devised a plan, which did all of the above.

However, not only did it obtain deciding votes, it also destroyed the best educational system the world has ever known. In the process it also destroyed the strong fabric by which this nation became what it was. That plan, the desegregation of the races in all levels of public life.

This destroyed the public educational system, changed the
demographics of the nation, sowed seeds of discord, and
initiated hate as it has never before been known. I have seen all this happen within the last fifty to sixty years.

There is a public educational system, however, it is only a shell, there is no meat, no quality to it. This act became law in 1954. Since that time the nation has degenerated into a
third world nation. I have written in more detail on the subject of education in another article.

With most of the blacks, and just about all the seven or eight million illegal immigrants on welfare, and our government doling out billions for industrial welfare, and billions to all nations including our enemies, and we the common men are forced to pay for it, how much longer will
it be possible for us to stand as a nation?

In the near future at this rate, there will be two groups of people, we the slaves, and the elite rich, with none in between, all the middle class will fall into the slave class, which they are in now, due to the tax structure.

All the actions of the government are made to favor the Communists; destroy the integrity of the nation with disgraceful politicians; completely abolish any semblance to an educational system; initiate hate between peoples of all colors; destroy family units; force the middle class from existence; blur national borders; kill all initiative for improvement; burden the chosen few with destructive tax codes; favor the rich; destroy industry, just to name a few, and the most blatant action of all, was the outlawing of God from all structures of public activities.

Freeing the guilty, and incarcerating the innocent. Favoring one race above the other, to the extremes. Who needs an enemy, when we have our government, they fill all the
qualifications of the enemy, and more. What enemy could ever accomplish all the above?
Amos 8:11 Behold, the days come, saith the Lord God, that I will send a famine in the land, not a famine of bread, nor a thirst for water, but of hearing the words of the Lord.
12. And they shall wander from sea to sea, and from the north even to the east, they shall run to and fro to seek the word of the Lord, and shall not find it.
13. In that day shall the fair virgins and young men faint
for thirst.
According the (Amos 8:11-13) there will be a day when such writing as I am doing along with a multitude of others will not be found. There will be none to speak the truth, none to show the true way to God. Though one will search diligently, it will not be found. I am able to see this approaching even now, when all that pertains to the true way will be banned, outlawed with the threat of death.

Mat 24:5 For many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ, and shall deceive many.
Mat 24:10 And then shall many be offended, and shall betray one another, and shall hate one another.
11. And many false prophets shall rise, and shall deceive many.
12. And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold.
Mat 24:23 Then if any man shall say unto you, lo here is Christ, or there; believe it not.
24. For there shall arise false Christ’s, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.
25. Behold I have told you before.
26. Wherefore if they shall say unto you, Behold he is in the desert; go not forth: Behold, he is in the secret chambers: believe it not.
27. For as the lightning cometh out of the east, and shineth even unto the west; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.
Not only is the government our enemy, being successful in the destruction of the greatest nation to have ever existed,
because it has been the only nation to have been founded on the pure dictates of God, but, our religions are all against us. Satan will leave no stone unturned in his search for total destruction. Our government, our education
systems, and last but certainly not least, the religious denominations that fill our land, are being successfully destroyed. What more could any enemy desire?

At the rise of this nation, the worship of God was pure, and
it lasted for a couple hundred years. This must not be allowed to continue. If the nation is to fall, worship of God must at all costs be destroyed. That is, the worship of the true God of all creation. The gods of lust, greed, and hate are all needed to accomplish this, therefore, they are promoted in the educational systems, government, and certainly in the religious sector.

Never is this more obvious than on the television screen. It is filled with the most outrageous blasphemy of God, in the name of God, that one can imagine. All manner of outright
blasphemy is shouted and raved by the foaming at the mouth maniacs of religion as they glare out at you from the screens.

There are also those with the most beautiful faces and make-up, clothed with the most beautiful clothing, with sweet syrupy type sayings flowing as sweet sugar from their soft silver tongues. Tears flowing freely from their eyes, as they spout forth their false versions of God.

They all have a bottom line, the wealth they are to separate from their viewers. The desire for gold is the god of the television preachers, they are devilishly wise in their methods to obtain this gold and silver. It is surprising the number of people who fall for this rubbish.

Not to be missed is the outright blasphemy by those on the screen who worship cold stone statues, and are swallowed to the hilt in ceremony, tradition and creeds. They practice this 24-7 with deadly monotony. Surprisingly, most of the earth’s citizens are lost in this false religion, the religion of
the Roman Catholic Vatican, which without any shame, promotes a man as the victor, or mediator of God.

How lost the world of today is. As I gaze out around me, I see very little of what God represents in the actions of men. Surely the prophecy is being fulfilled, God is being removed from all the sectors of this nation. Making a clear path for the anti-Christ.
2 Thes 2:7 For the mystery of iniquity doth already work: only he who now letteth will let, until he be taken out of the [WAY].
Notice carefully, it does not say world, it says WAY. This is where the denominations of today gain their false version of a mythical RAPTURE, that makes them greater than the son of God. Jesus did not escape the cross. Yet the clean
cut Christians of today feel they can escape their cross, which in this case is the Tribulation. How blind they are to what 2 Thes 2:7 actually said.

It is not the pure righteous souls that is to be taken out of the way. No, they are here, and actually in some cases instrumental in the fulfilling of the scripture.

This scripture is being fulfilled by our government taking from all walks of life, if that were possible, the true knowledge of God, and instituting a false religion in it’s place. Paving the way for the anti-Christ. The Spirit of God is being removed, not the people themselves. How terribly deceived the denominations of today are.
2 Thes 2:8 And then shall that Wicked be revealed, whom the Lord shall consume with the spirit of his mouth, and shall destroy with the brightness of his coming.
9. Even him, whose coming is after the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders.
We all will be here to face this monster, none of us are privileged above Jesus. The only ones I feel that are fortunate, are those who for one reason or the other are at
this moment drawing in their last breath. Those who have gone on, and those who at this time are leaving, will not have to face this beast.

The only relief will be when Jesus sets his feet on this earth again, and sends His angels out to gather in His elect, the ones who will be instrumental in the deliverance of God’s Wrath onto all who have rejected Him, and presenting back
to the meek, the earth and all it’s wealth.

This is the world of today, the way I see it, after my many years of dream-world. Those years which fill the time vacuum between yesterday and today. Who could have ever imagined it would be this way? It is a living nightmare in a real world, from which one can not wake from. My heart bleeds for those of the young, the babies being born,
those who must face the future. What a mess we have left for them to try and survive in.

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