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February 26, 2010

It is truly amazing at the lows to which the human race has descended to. It is simply not believable the world today, compared to fifty years ago.

I will warn ahead of time that I do not hold to ‘political correctness,’ and that I describe it as I see it with no holds barred. Too bad history could not have been recorded with these standards so that we could know what the past really held. I have broken this article in half, as it is simply to long for one setting. Part one and part two. //////////////////////////////////////////
Isa 5:14 Therefore hell hath enlarged herself, and opened her mouth without measure: and their glory, and their multitude, and their pomp, and he that rejoiceth; and shall descend into it.
Where does one start? There is such confusion and corruption in every direction. The morals of men, the weather, food, air, diseases, educational systems, and government are all out of control, spinning dizzily off in every direction.

What is taking place at this very moment did not start at this moment, it started many decades, actually centuries ago, far before I began my studies. Yet, I was not really aware of any of it, I, like the rest of the citizens of this nation, have been blind to what has been happening.

The time frame of my life comes to me as blur, a haze, as a dream which is not real at all. That is how the world appears to me now, as a dream, nothing solid that can be touched and remembered. Everything changes so rapidly, that I am unable to understand it as being real at all.

My wife and I were a young sixteen when we got married, and that was in 1948, yet it is in my mind as if it were only yesterday, all between then and now is just a blur of motion, with a few glimmers of happenings up through the years. Two sons as babies only yesterday, today they are grown and gone with families of their own.

Yesterday, I joined the military, and twenty years later I left it. Yesterday after the military, I joined the Postal system, twenty five years later I left that. Yesterday I retired from the US postal system, and today it is almost fifteen years later. Yesterday and today seem to come back to back, with so much taking place in between. Where have all the years gone?

What has taken place during all those many hours, days, weeks, months and years? My mother comforted me in her
arms only yesterday when I was a toddler, yet she has been with God for many decades. My father and I went hunting together in the wilds of Oklahoma only yesterday when I was eight or nine years of age, and now it is hard to understand him not being here for these many years. So many relatives gone. The world is dying all around me.
Where have all the years gone between yesterday and today? What took place during that dreamland time?

It is as if I had awaken and found myself in a distant, far, unfamiliar land. That is the way in which the world about me appears. The world today is so different from the world of my childhood.

Wish I had taken notes up through the years of all that has happened in my world. All I have to rely on is a very faded memory. The distant past in my mind now, seemed so simple, calm and serene. I am sure it was just as insane then as it is today, not at all like I remember it as being.
Isa 5:20 Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil: that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!
21. Woe unto them that are wise in their own eyes, and prudent in their own sight!
22. Woe unto them that are mighty to drink wine, and men of strength to mingle strong drink:
23. Which justify the wicked for reward, and take away the righteousness of the righteous from him!
The scripture which was written so many years before which was at that time, our distant past, so accurately describe the world in which I came awake in, the distant far off unfamiliar land of a dream world. How awesome, how amazing it is. Man must have always had a rotten nature. The stench of the corruption of this magnitude could not have come about in a few insignificant years.
Jude 1:7 Even as Sodom and Gomorrah and the cities about them in like manner, giving themselves over to fornication, and going after strange flesh, are set forth for an example, suffering the vengeance of eternal fire.
8. Likewise also these filthy dreamers defile the flesh,
despise dominion, and speak evil of dignities.
There is no other way for me, than to just jump in and call the shots as I see them. When I gaze out over the world about me, here is what I see as reality in our nation. The world of today.

Right and wrong are not determined by the law of God, but by the color of one’s skin, by wealth and popularity. Justice is dealt out by these standards.

A black or a white man who is wealthy and held in high esteem by the sea of humanity, can commit a very horrific act, such as beheading two people, or murdering a pregnant woman, and they are set free by this so called ‘justice system.’

On the other hand should these same two individuals happen to not have any wealth, and are not known, they would be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

Regardless of the crime, justice is dealt by status in life, not by the act of the crime. Clinton is a very good example of our justice system at work. The higher one is on the ladder of fame and fortune, the more the justice system is in his favor. Those of this nature are above and immune to the laws of the land. In a manner of speaking, there is far more justice for the high and mighty, than for the low and humble.

In other words there are two meanings to all the laws of the land, that for the poor and lowly, and that for the high elite rich. That is why the law offices are so filled with volumes and volumes, in order to distinguish which set of rules to play by, for the poor or for the rich.

There is a terrible upset in our land of today, and indeed the world, and it comes from one source, Communism. This is the base from which Satan works. World domination has always been the goal of Communism, and always shall be, and this base of operation is now on our shores.

The poison of Satan which is Communism has infiltrated every strata of our national life, from the lowest kindergarten class, to the president. Very subtly every means to weaken, tear apart and destroy, is now being
used in all forms of education and government.

It is not called Communism as such, it would be too readily recognized. No, it comes under many headings, and titles such as ‘The new age,’ ‘environmental protection,’ ‘humanistic activism,’ ‘outcome based education,’ ‘political correctness,’ just to name a few.

It was started as Communism, however what will come from the marriage of Communism and Capitalism will form
the final version of a world government.

Since our form of government is under the full control of the Communists dictates, with all laws and wars configured in such a way as to always favor their aims, I refuse to call it by any other name.

Should society at large happen to read my writings, I would at once draw a wall of flack from the governmental agencies, trying unsuccessfully to justify all these obvious, and not so obvious wrongs that have and are being committed.

When a person comes out of a deep stupor, there is always an outstanding object that is first noticed. This is no different for me. There have been many years in between yesterday and today for me, during that time of my stupor, my coma, I notice little or nothing. I have just opened my eyes, and what is the very first thing that I see?

Desegregation. In my youth, (yesterday) the black race had their own part of town, they had their own schools, and there was no blending of the two allowed. This took place while I was yet in my deep sleep.

Like it or not, it was in-acted and has been forced on defenseless citizens, who do not in any sense of the word
want it. This has been an act which has been highly successful in seeding hate, a means of tearing our nation apart at the seams. ‘Multiculturalism,’ is the asserted aim,
with destruction as it’s real goal.

Volumes containing millions of words of propaganda are in print, trying vainly to prove that this is not the case. Trying to justify a terrible wrong. The results which are on record are testimony to the contrary of what they are trying to prove.

Mankind comes in several different colors, not all are white, black, brown, yellow, or polka dotted. We are different, that is all there is to it. Not even those of the same color are alike, each person is different one from the other. No, we are not equal in any sense of the word. If God had wanted us all to be equal, he would have made us that way, we would all have been either white, black, brown, yellow, or polka dotted. He had a reason for the different races, or he would not have created them. God does not create without a reason.

I am not saying that one race is better than the other, I am just saying that what I see is, we have not been created equal. A pine tree is not an oak, nor is an oak tree a pine.

God made them different for different purposes.
Oak wood is used for one purpose, and pine another, and they do not interchange very easily. God made us different, and no amount of tampering with the laws will ever change that. He made each race for a reason, what that is, I do not know at this point in time. I just know what I see, and I see many different colors in the makeup of mankind.

What I am saying is, that no amount of tampering will make an oak tree to be a pine, nor a pine to be an oak. The lumber from both can, and is used for many of the same purposes, however, there are special uses for each. This in no way makes one better than the other. The same holds true for us as a human race.

The aim of desegregation was multiculturalism, the politically correct act of making all equal. With
desegregation, there would be the mixing of the races by interaction, and ultimately marriage, which is the desired goal of the shadow government.

I have not seen this ‘shadow government,’ nor any who are the make up of it’s top structures. However, I just imagine they are all white, and hold themselves above, and immune to the acts of multiculturalism. They will not tolerate having their ‘pure’ blood mixed with any which are not of their choosing.

They impose this mixing of the blood lines on all citizens with themselves being exempt. Hitler was a very good example of this type of thinking.

Seven decades ago when I was a child, to even mention the word ‘Sex’ out in the open, was not heard of. To be pregnant out of wedlock was a terrible dishonor, to be talked about in hushed voices, and embarrassing whispers.

In today’s world it holds no shame, and instead of saying they are shacking up, as it was called in my childhood, it now has a new politically correct title, the two are having a ‘relationship.’ To live together without the sacredness of marriage, certainly was not tolerated under any circumstance.

The perverts of (yesterday) hid themselves from society, they were a terrible disgrace, never spoken of in open conversation. Today, it is far different. They are not only very open, they have their own societies, they demand rights from the government, and sadly, they form a great portion of our government, and are protected by that very same government from any who should be critical of them.

How different it is now. The marriages of same sex partners is allowed in some states, with benefits afforded the same as legally married opposite sex couples.

How different today, all of these actions are not only ‘out
of the closet,’ but are flaunted in the public’s eye, with
extreme pride by the recreational industry. There is no shame in the news media when they print it as news of the day. It is even taught in the established public educational systems of the nation as an alternate ‘life style.’ A whole section of the society of the day is devoted to this shameful conduct. How unbelievable the world is today in comparison to those far off days of my youth. How can this be? How warped and out of shape society became during my ‘sleep.’

How so very accurately Isa 5:20-23 describes this day and age. What was at one time right, is now wrong, what was bitter is now sweet, and what was darkness is now light.

These perverted and sinful life styles are just another of the many tools used by Satan to destroy a civilization, and doing it with the greatest of success.

As with desegregation, millions of words are printed trying in vain to glorify the virtues of such shameful and un-Godly activities. It matters not how many volumes are printed, it changes not the actual results of such deviations from the laws of God, nor does it make them less wrong in the eye of God. The results are all about me to be seen by the naked eye, it is not hidden behind the political correctness of the day.

I am able to see the wrecked marriages, the filled jails, crowded hospital beds, and the untold many whose lives are totally broken beyond repair. No amount of propaganda will hide this, the result of a nation who has fell under the influence of Satan. This is what I behold in this world of today.

By taking God and discipline from the classrooms, along with the action of our government on forced desegregation, and teaching the religion of humanistic ideology, have all succeed in the total destruction of one the greatest educational systems on the top side of the earth. A system of education that in no way compares to that of my youth.

The destruction of the educational system, has resulted in the destruction of a complete society, and our nation. We are now completely under the control of Satan, God has washed his hands of us. He has turned us over to Satan to do as he wishes, just as He did Job. The blessings of God have ceased, and the results of all the sin is beginning to
spew forth as wastes from a sick body.

Unregulated immigration, the blurring of the borders of our nation so that as many as wish to, whether they are
upright, or criminal, or diseased, can cross over and take up residence with just a token show of hindrance by our enemy, our government.

This has caused the saturation of our land with the sick, the diseased, and the criminal elements from all lands. As long as they are capable of voting, they are welcomed. If their vote cannot for some reason be counted on, they are likewise not welcomed.

All that matters to this nation, is the almighty vote. It is more valued than any of the greatest treasures God has to offer. A man will steal, lie, slit his mother’s throat, give his wife to whoredom, and donate his sons and daughters to slavery for the vote.

It is this very action which has destroyed this nation, the prestige, power, and wealth which can be obtained by the vote. With the obtaining of the vote, a man is able to collect all the riches of the world, therefore it is the power of the vote which is so worshipped in this day. The desire for the vote was the bottom line for the disgraceful act of desegregation, just one of the most successful tools of Satan to destroy all of us.

The president, all of congress, the house of representative, and senate is composed of the rich and the very rich. They have control of the nation’s wealth which is taken from the general public, with taxation and unheard of usury, which they have one way or the other excused themselves from. They possibly pay a token tax for show, but most of their personal wealth is carefully hidden from the tax structure that the rest of us must face.

This mountain of wealth, which is bled from us, they control. With it, they make a great show, trying to impress not only themselves, but the voting public, how great and wonderful they are. With all that wealth,
they divide it up and give it away without the first thought about those who it was forced from. It is extremely easy to divide up and give away somebody else’s wealth, which taxation is.

Funding is given to nations who hate us, to our very enemies, to illegal immigrants, to allies, to favored nations, to useless programs that gain nothing but are a burden, to further the downfall of our great nation, by funding perversion, off brand religions, to promote Communism under political correct names, to fund the CIA, which is one of the largest drug cartels in the world( heard it from a friend, her husband was a pilot during the Viet Nam conflict, and his job was nothing more than hauling drugs to the high command, that was his total responsibility), to build a police state, to remove any hint of God, and Jesus or any of their teachings from all government, or educational institutes.

Of course, this is just a very small sampling of what they are doing with our tax dollars, while their personal wealth is hidden from these procedures of taxation. In a word, our government is our worst enemy, not any nation from across the seas, but the occult which occupies our governmental halls. One of the largest crime syndicates the world has ever known.

Our nation was formed, built and fortified for the very high elite rich, not for the common man on the street. All policy is made to favor the super rich. They have our money to use for the bare necessities of our nation, they do not use it for our benefit, but for useless wars, and to benefit other nations, some of which are our outspoken enemies.

They are well protected by the laws of the land, and by the shielding from the halls of congress. With one term in congress four years, a man retires with one hundred percent of his pay. In other words, the total pay he gets as a congress man, he gets the rest of his life, whether in or out of office. What other position has that privilege, other than the president himself? Not only that, but he and his family are covered by a health plan that I believe even God would envy, nothing in comparison to what the rest of we the people must live with.

I doubt very seriously that any other government in the world has
these gold plated positions. No doubt they are just as warped out of shape, but ours is a pattern for all the rest to try and follow.

Our national leaders are bowing themselves before the golden calf, and worshipping the riches they steal from the world. They are doing what Jesus refused to do. Satan offered him the riches of the world, he
refused, but our leaders haven’t, they gladly do as Satan dictates. They will find that like our government, with riches come many strings and attachments. It isn’t given freely as they might think.

A term such as ‘sexual harassment’ was not in existence in my youth, who ever heard of such a thing? This is a recent scourge initiated to promote hate and discord between the two sexes, wrecking the lives of many good men.

The female is encouraged to forget biblical dictates, and
traditional standards, and take a stand for what is termed
as ‘equality.’ Of course women are not equal to men, that is a very obvious fact. God created men for one purpose, and women for another, and that cannot be changed. Although our overbearing dictators are trying to.

We are made different for different purposes. God made us
that way for a reason. We are not at all equal in make up, however, when we stand before God we, along with all
mankind, regardless of skin color, are equal.

A woman is equal to all the rest of the female population, but not with the man, just as the man is equal to all the rest of the male population, but not to the woman. We are equal to our kind, just as a pine tree is equal to a pine tree thousands of miles from here, but is not equal to an oak tree which is in the ground right next to it, that is equal to other oak trees, but not to the pine. In our purpose for which we were created, we are equal.

In this modern age the female is spurred on by the elitists, to deviate for the biblical standards of the woman being subjected to her husband, as a homemaker, wife, child bearer, and companion. She is encouraged to think that she has been berated and belittled by being what she was meant to be.

She is brain-washed into thinking that she has been a slave to the man, and must break from this strangle hold that has her tied down. Therefore, she must prove her equality, and even superior qualities in the workforce. She must prove that not only is she equal to, but in most instances even superior to the male. In a subtle, and sly sort of way, the male is to be hated, and replaced.

Due to this trampling on the laws of God, the term ‘sexual harassment’ was born. Now, it is with great danger, that a male should happen to greet a female with a simple, and friendly ‘hello.’ For this, he could possible be charged with ‘sexual harassment.’ It has been expanded to the point where men have become afraid of the female gender. The so called ‘justice system,’ bend all the laws to favor this feeling of self inflicted fear.

I will have to admit, there are very serious crimes that do
involve the sexual harassment of women, it has always been, and will always be, and these crimes should be
corrected. However, the system, as it always does, has
gone to far extremes, where now a great many good men
are punished unjustly.

By this act of equality, the woman gladly enters the work world of the male, which has always been the domain of the male, with the resulting devastating effects. Of course the results are in-numerable acts both real and imagined due to ‘sexual harassment.’ Logic and reason will dictate
The obvious results.

Why God did what He did, I will never to this day understand. The male was endowed with an overpowering sexual drive, far stronger than that of the female. As I said, I will never understand why God did this, possibly in the distant future, when I have met Him face to face, I will understand, but while I draw air in my lungs, this will
always be a mystery to me. I have noticed this, not only of the human male, but in the animal kingdom as well, the male always has a strong overpowering sexual desire.

It is this drive that has destroyed so many good men, and I feel good animals as well. To me, it seems unfair, why was this done? It causes untold torture and torment. It is inbuilt, and it is very overpowering, and the male is going to react to it. To me personally, I feel that this overpowering sexuality placed on the male, is some sort of curse God has placed on the male, why, I do not know its just that is how I feel.

I feel it is not fair to have to endure such misery, yet, God does things in mysterious ways. Fairness cannot be measured, without the law of God as a guideline to go by. This weakness on the part of the male, has not gone un-noticed by our enemy, our communistic government and especially Satan. It has been studied for all the advantages to be gained with the deployment of this strategy to it‘s fullest extent.

I have not heard of the first case of sexual harassment from the other nations. I will not go so far as to say that it does not happen there, no doubt it does happen there. However, to them, it is such a trivial matter that it is never brought to the forefront as it is here. It is a very trivial matter to be settled locally, not by the government, as it is here.

All [real] sexual harassment should not go unpunished. I am not blind, I can see where women are destroyed by this act, and it is not right in any sense of the word. What is wrong however, is the fact that it is blown out of proportion, and innocent men are victims whose lives are destroyed unjustly.

Hardly a day goes by here, that one or more cases of sexual harassment are not brought gleefully to the public’s eye by the different news media. Of course this destroys families and lives on both sides of the line, and this is the hidden agenda of our enemy, total destruction of the family and the individual person. Almost on a daily basis, some unfortunate male is thrown before a court of law, and charged with, yes, ‘sexual harassment.’ His family, and his life are destroyed. If the harassment is real, then the family and life of the female are also destroyed, a double victory
for the enemy.

It is so ridiculous, the placing of women in a man’s work world, it places temptation, where temptation should not be. Today, there is not much difference in gender, when it comes to the work force. All lines of work are now targets of conquest for the women.

Men in the military are in a man’s world, devoid of the female gender, that is it was, till this ‘enlightened’ age was forced onto us by our common enemy. All paths for
destruction must be completely employed so there can be
no escape, destruction must be complete. Our enemy is not going to let this portion of society go uncontaminated.
It must be poisoned by all the sexual deviants possible in order to complete the goal desired. Perverts, the same as a deadly viper, must be allowed to spread their form of poison, which is deadly.

Men must serve long periods of time either at sea, or at isolated stations where there is no form of sexual satisfaction. These are tedious and strenuous drains on a man’s emotions, he must curtail his animal sexual desires the best way he knows how. This sexual drive is so intense that it drives men insane. I know from very personal experience this insanity, I was in the military, and had to endure such torture as this.

It is under these conditions that our enemy has the gall to place women as a bait in these same isolated stations, and then threatens men with dire consequences should they fall for the bait. Not only does our enemy want to destroy us, they also want to make the route to destruction as torturous as possible. Should one unfortunate soul weaken and grab the bait, he is dead, his life is a shambles, all that he has struggled for is gone, his family, his wealth, his
career and reputation are gone. With this one
uncontrollable act, he is the same as dead.

What a miscarriage of justice, what a pathetic joke. This is on the same level as finding a man dying from thirst in the desert, and placing a glass of clear cold ice water in front of him, then threatening him with death should he touch it.

‘Sexual harassment,’ what a travesty, what a play on words this is. Sure, I agree fully, it is sexual harassment of the worst sort. However, it is not the female that is harassed, to the contrary, it is the male that has been harassed sexually, in a very sly and subtle manner so that he will weaken and be destroyed, by a very carefully placed bait.

It is not the male who has been placed in this position that should be put on trial, rather, our enemy, our government which has command over our military. The enemy should
have to pay the full price of destroying a man’s total life, his reputation, his family, his credibility, his wealth, and
what little self respect he may have had. The government should be put on trial for putting the military men in this terrible predicament.

The criminal is not indicated as doing wrong, but rather the victim. The poison from the enemy is deadly, and we have no defense against it. Our enemy is not outside our national borders, but like a den of vipers, resides within our own federal government, safe from all harm. Free to lay on the backs of all the slaves, the agenda needed to
further enslave and destroy, keeping all the spoils for themselves. Placing themselves as Gods, far above the reach of their heavily burdened slaves.

I have found that there are great portions of our society that fill their time with the intensive study on how to be offended. They can be offended in so many different ways, ways that have never been heard of; offended by a state flag; offended in public by parents who discipline their children in public; offended by the worship of God in the classroom or in the Justice halls of the nation; offended by the speech one uses in public; offended by the clothes one wears; offended by the practice of Christmas activities, offended by being critical of a perverse life style, just to name a few. These things were never heard of in my youth. The acts of the destruction of a nation, in action.

Life at it’s most vulnerable stage is not given the privilege of living, and charting it’s own course. Life in the womb has proven to be more dangerous than the battlefield. The tiny
infant has it’s life snatched from it’s totally defenseless body by human hands, and amazingly, this is not termed as murder. How strange this day is, that which God says is wrong, by man is stated as being right. The brutal murder of an unborn infant. Sodom and Gomorrah, what do you think of that?

The political structure of the day has coined a word for the little life inside the mother. They have termed it as a ‘fetus’ for a reason. By using the term ‘fetus’ life is not indicated. It is implied as just being a dead lifeless lump, not worthy of life. The term ‘abortion’ is used as a political correct title to cover the actual action of murder, and such a cruel murder at that.

What is also so amazing, is the fact that this act is now, and has been for many years, a legal law of the land. Under this satanic law, millions of innocent unborn babies have been slaughter, with less thought than killing a roach. How awfully repulsive and repugnant this age is. I almost become nauseous when I view this world of today. Would have been better I am thinking, if I could have remained in my mindless stupor for a few more years, till I leave this land of horror.

How in God’s name can any of today who fall for this very shameful and disgusting act, look down their noses at past civilizations that practiced child sacrifice to the gods?

To mock God the Father even further, the tiny body is carved up and used for vaccines, and research. It’s tiny body parts are sold on the market for gold and silver. Even
Sodom and Gomorrah would have been repulsed by these actions that our enemy is taking. As sinful as those two
cities were, I feel they would immediately condemn our
nation for it’s animalistic actions.

The pious hypocritical Christians of today look down their lofty noses with holier than thou attitudes, at those of the old days who sacrificed infants to their gods. Yet, with no thought, do the very same thing by murdering their own unborn. The only difference being the numbers, then it was few, now it is by the millions. Hitler could be termed almost as a Sunday School teacher compared to the infanticide of this day in our nation. How could this have happened? In my day, yesterday, this would have been looked on as a blasphemy against God of the highest order. But
unfortunately today is today, it is not yesterday.

If God does not destroy this nation for the lows it has fallen to, then He by rights, should apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah for what he did to them. From what I am able to understand, we as a nation have fallen far below what Sodom and Gomorrah were.

The stench goes to high heaven, and it comes from the make up of our government. The form that it is suppose to be, the outline by which it is to operate, is one of the best the world has ever known. However, how it is operated in real life is totally different from the beautiful outline. This political structure which was a real work of legislative art, was constructed by men who truly feared and worshipped the true God in heaven. It was put together in such a fashion as to protect all men who fell under it’s jurisdiction. An outstanding piece of work, and it is very obvious that it was inspired by God.

The angels of Satan have so deformed the original work to where it is not recognizable at all. They have turned this
form of government into a travesty, a mockery, a shell filled by ones who fall to the lowest animalistic savagery.

These offices of great responsibilities are manned by sexual perverts, drug heads, criminals, and outright traitors. One has sat at the top of this dung heap for eight years now, who is a perfect image of the dung heap on which he sits. When he is replaced, it will be with one that will be in the same image, with the same priorities toward ’we the

I have found that the nature of politicians as a whole seem to fall into the same category, that of an animal. The first order of priority after getting elected, is that of parting special interest groups from their money, to be used in the
next election, so that the vicious circle of corruption is not

The money from these special interest groups does not
come without many strings being attached, promises for lucrative handouts after election. Most of the time, these
promises are kept, and the golden handouts are doled out, this keeps the money coming in, election after election. The bottom line is, this nation is run for the benefit of special interest groups, whether they be in manufacturing, military industrial complexes, homosexuals, the women’s liberation groups, the unions, or nations such as China, Russia, or North Korea. Our government has turned into the best that money can buy.

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