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October 6, 2009

As I have walked down the path of life,
Too many troubles, too many trials, yet comes the face of a small beautiful child, and away goes all my strife.

In these latter years, to me, from God the Father, comes so many wonderful, and precious blessings.
So that the aches, the pains and heart aches that I suffer, I feel are from God, to my soul his method of testing.

Blessing after blessing, till my cup is filled to the brim, and is spilling over. What more in life should I expect?
Whether I am awake, or whether I am hid from the world in death like sleep, the mind of God, and that of mine seem to connect.

How wonderful it is, knowing that at my side stands always, one who shelters me from the world, and all it’s Satanic ways.
In my life He has always been, and I know without a doubt, though I am stooped with age, and wrinkled with time, with me He will remain for the rest of my days.

In the small and insignificant, I asked for His helping hand, and in the large an catastrophic not once has He failed.
Not once has he abandon me, not once has my cry gone unheard,
Not once has his face been covered, or veiled.

What am I O’ God that you have sheltered me so? Just a speck of dust in the winds of time.
Over me you have cast a protective shield, protecting me from the evils of the world and I have no fear from Satan’s filthy slime.

Many are the things of wisdom, far too many to numerate, yet, one thing of wisdom that all possess.
Yes, the overcoming fear most have, is that of knowing, some time, some place, the heart will stop, and at death’s door we stand. What Sorrow, what grief, what a useless stress.

Death, the sleep of peace, the period of everlasting rest
In it we will all be, weak strong, rich and poor. At the end of our life’s long and torturous journey shall we all meet, friend and foe alike, there is not room for sorry, pity, or regret, we have all been given life’s qualifying test.

At the foot of my grave you stand, gazing down with wonder at where
in the dust I lie. At one time in the your spot I once stood,
And someday, who can know, in the cold earth where I now am
You too, shall also rest and to your surprise it will seem extremely good.

Where I lie, where I am at rest, some day you too shall also be
The world continues to rotate, it continues to keep the seasons,
Neither you nor neither me will be remembered as ever existing,
Can you not understand, are you blind can you not with your eye see?

Hate and love, such close companions, yet though they in our mind abide.
Love is the power, the motivation, the structure to combat the madness and the insanity which constitutes this poison, this animosity.
Let us as friends, walk the path of peace, let us walk side by side.

Be friends with the enemy through this, much can be accomplished,
Speak a kind word, let a smile shine forth, show compassion, show your heart.
Kill with kindness, let not hostility be seen, though it there is, bury it deep under layers of prayer, and that is where we should start.

The trials of life are ever so heavy, ever so burdensome, yet, are they not just a test of our faith, from the master above?
Did he not with such tenderness, and with such compassion, to his Son his love sent from heaven on the wings of a snow white dove?

In our heart there is a mystery, a shroud, a veil, through it we must make a way,
There in the deepest of our soul, an empty void is found, which is the receptacle reserved for the treasure no man can measure.
In it the Spirit of God to your life can brighten your darkest day.

Treasures beyond the imagination, riches too great to behold,
These are the promises, these are the rewards, to those who with an
Open mind, who count the cost, who is willing to sacrifice, one who with and honest desire, accepts the One above, these things I have been told.

Many sorrows I have seen, many are the loved ones who have left me behind.
Though in my mind I do sorrow, my heart stays the course, and with them some day in the far off distant future I shall be, my eyes have
been opened, and I am not blind.

My days are numbered, and I can see them coming to an end,
Many are the loved ones who in this life I have lost to the sleep of death.
How lonesome my heart seems to be, how can I possibly stand,
The earth about me seems so very empty, and even now it is hard for me to catch my breath.

Sorrow when I sleep, and sorrow when I open my eyes and am fully awake.
Dreams of distressed people, those without food or clothes, lost in time, and lost space, never able to have peace of mind, just a heart filled with an unending ache.

The path of life is rocky and rough, it is forever filled with strife and unsuspecting pitfalls, who can endure it to it’s end?
From each turn and each bend comes the bolt of lightening that scorches the very heart and soul of a man.
Let it come, let it roar out of the blue it is unable to make me bend.
Frank J. Surface—-

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  1. October 6, 2009 9:50 am

    Thank you for such a passionate and meaningful post. Your words are very true.

    • Frank Surface permalink
      October 6, 2009 10:16 am

      Thanks for the comment, being new at this, I really appreciate those who should happen to notice that in my articles I do actually exist. —-Frank

  2. Arnold Ehman permalink
    November 5, 2016 4:51 pm

    This is the precise blog for anybody who wants to find out about this topic. You understand so much its almost onerous to argue with you (not that I actually would want…HaHa). You positively put a new spin on a topic thats been written about for years. Great stuff, just nice!


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