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Body, Soul, and Spirit

July 17, 2016

This article is basically collected pieces I gathered from different sources as I researched the topic of Life. I originally titled this article “Life,” but my research led me into various directions. Always with life there was death and then the components of both life and death; body, soul, and spirit.

….Let the waters bring forth abundantly the moving creature that hath life… And to every beast of the earth, and to every fowl of the air, and to everything that creepeth upon the earth, wherein there is life… And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.

What is the soul? What is the spirit? Are they the same thing or are they different? Appears Soul and Life are used interchangeably, but not too sure about Spirit. And the spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters. Appears the spirit is something God has. There is the spirit of wisdom and jealousy and there are clean and unclean spirts. When the spirit comes down amongst folks things tend to happen. A spirit can be received and a spirit can be cast out. You have a spirit that needs saved and with the spirit, miracles can be performed. The fruits of the spirit include love, joy, and peace.

The living being is considered a soul. The soul is the self, the person. Pre-existence of the soul, immortality of soul, soul as burdened by the body, the idea that soul goes to Hades. Belief in reservation of souls after death for judgment. Life/soul can be saved or lost.

Can the spirit be wind? The wind of God was moving over the face of the waters. The wind blows where it wills, and you hear the sound of it but you do not know whence it comes or whither it goes; so it is with everyone who is born of the Spirit. God creates man’s spirit, and that he preserves it. So the spirit belongs to God. So is the spirit supernatural? A soul has a body whereas a spirit doesn’t, however whatever it was Jacob wrestled had a body. Moses saw both God’s face and back so is God a spirit or other? God is spirit, and those who worship him must worship in spirit and truth.

Being of spirit and body is touched on as incorporeal beings such as The sea serpent named Leviathan. Rahab, a dragon which causes storms at sea and a desert dragon Behemoth. Satan could be considered incorporeal for he was referred to as both dragon and a serpent. Dragons are mentioned several times in Revelation, and there is the later story of Saint George and the Dragon.

Spiritual beings are souls of the dead and refers to souls of the redeemed as spirits. There is the spirit of God and the spirit of the world. Paul said I must choose between the flesh and reason. The mind is replaced by spirit. Easy to assume intelligence/mind and spirit could be one in the same. Man’s spirit enables him to present his spiritual awareness with the Holy Spirit. The spiritual nature with which God has endowed every man that makes it possible for the Spirit of God to dwell in man. It provides a basis for the continuing conversation between man’s spirit and the divine Spirit.

Sleep is for the body and never for the soul. When you die your body sleeps but your spirit returns to God or a place of torment according to Christianity. Later body and soul will somehow be reunited for a judgement. If all of this is true how scary is that? There are so many ways to displease God according to written words that one could never have a 100% certainty of avoiding eternal torment. What good would it do God to torment any of us? Did not God give us free will? Did not God create us and all He created is good. Why would God torment forever something He created which was good? What would be the purpose of resurrecting the body? I know my mother would never want her crippled arthritic body back, and what of those bodies which were burned or simply rotted and decayed? Ok a new body will be given to those dead/asleep and those alive, an immortal body. I guess at judgement the soul will be reunited with this immortal body to be rewarded or punished accordingly. The body is dust. From the dust our bodies will be resurrected.

J. Vernon McGee said, “God is telling you so. He has put gray in your hair, a totter in your step, a stoop in your shoulder, and a shortness of breath when you walk. He is trying to tell you that you won’t be here much longer….” The good news is that while we are in the body we are away from the Lord, but when we leave the body we will be with the Lord.

When a spiritual person dies his spirit returns to the Lord. When a non-spiritual person dies their spirit goes to Sheol, an unspiritual place. From what I have read it is best you had better believed in Jesus and that he died for our sins. If you do not believe this or any part thereof you are toast forever and ever; as proclaimed from the God of love.

The soul of man was created on the first day, for it is the spirit of God moving upon the face of the water. The spirit – the wind. This spirit, or, to call it by its usual name, the soul of man. She escapes man each night as he sleeps and rises up to heaven and brings new life. As your soul leaves your body at death, so it entered your body before birth. God determines the human the soul will enter be it male or female, strong or weak, rich or poor, beautiful or ugly, long or short, fat or thin. Piety and wickedness alone are left to the determination of man himself. The soul is then shown where she will live and where she will die, and the place where she will be buried, and then the soul is placed into the womb of the mother. The soul residing in a holy place most likely enters the human against her will, is born against her will, dies against her will, and against her will wilt have to give account and reckoning before the Holy One. Who would wish to leave a holy place? In any case depending on if the human/soul obeys or disobeys God’s laws or acceptance of Jesus will determine the outcome of paradise or doom.

When a man died his body remained in the grave, his soul as a bearer of at least a portion of the personality went to Sheol, and his spirit went back to God. Or, The soul and the spirit are represented as bearers of the personality to Sheol. This way the spirit part of man may return to the body when resurrected. The soul is immortal and is loaned temporarily to the body. According to the Wisdom of Solomon, the soul enters directly into eternal life at the time of death; thus the need for an intermediate state for the soul disappears. In reference to the pre-existence of the soul; further implies the pre-existence of good and bad souls. Man possesses free will, but the limitations of the body force the majority of men to choose evil.

So I end my research on the topic of life today. I have never heard or seen God and I have never seen Jesus. Historically it is recorded in books other than the bible of the Nazarene, the Christus, the one named Jesus. I want to believe in Jesus and that he died for my sins I really do. If in fact all that is recorded in the Christian bible about Jesus is true, then I so want him in my heart. However, I think of the Jews and of the religion which evolved around them. The Jew according to all I have read have a chosen spot with God. If there is any fact which stems from the bible and that would be the Jew and Israel the Jewish Nation created in Genesis. If the Jewish religion is the correct one, then it is us Gentiles whom are going to be toast. In the Christian religion, no matter how hard the Jews serve God and obey His laws, they are going to be toast for not believing in Jesus. Why is it so important to believe in Jesus when it is implied He is God. Seems believing in God in general, living by spiritual guidance, and trying to do all which is Holy and pleasing to God should suffice. I am sure we all have it wrong and no one has the true answer to anything beyond this life. However, I do have faith and hope which I think is the best we can do. I feel God is in my life and has always been. Seems God has directed my life in the proper direction for me and has kept me from errors when and if I listened. When I meditate and study be it the bible or other spiritual material I can get so deeply involved and enjoy the moment. I believe God speaks to all of us in many different ways and it is up to us to discern the truths as they apply to our lives.

As revealed to me or to the best of my understanding,

Preston Surface


The Bible

May 26, 2014

The Giving Tree copyright by Preston Surface

THE BIBLE, I’ve discovered, does not resonate well with folks. Saw a cartoon on a fellow’s wall the other day showing three books. The Bible – proof God exists. Then there was The Koran – proof Allah exists. Then there was – The Book of Mr. Tinkle – proof Mr. Tinkle exists. Today the bible is actually a dust collector if that; ignored, shuffled aside, not given any credence whatsoever.

I find this so amazing. I remember the days of my youth when I was dragged to church. I hated going to church on Sunday nights because the western “Bonanza” was playing on television. I missed the fellow taking the first step on the moon because we had to go to church. I had a model of the Apollo space ship, put it together myself. Anyways, I remember saying the pledge of allegiance and the Lords Prayer in the public schools. The nation was saturated with all this God stuff. The stores were always closed on Sundays and most everybody went to church. I remember the long sermons, the rumbling hungry stomach, lunch afterwards, and playing softball in the park with the church group.

I remember the preacher instructing folks to go and spread the Word of Christ. Then there were all the missionary people whom would discuss how it was in other countries. I could imagine small villages of cannibals with missionaries boiling in their pots over the camp fire. However this was years and years ago, now there is the internet and media beyond any of our imaginations. Then I think there must not be an individual left on earth who hasn’t heard of God and going out and spreading the gospel is a thing of the past.

The surprise is, when I was a child the pendulum of the Gospel of Christ had come to a full swing to the right and has since swung back almost totally to the left; still speedily swinging in the leftward direction. If the pendulum doesn’t stop and start to swing back the next thing you will know is it will be against the law, this Gospel of Christ thing.

People I find are afraid to even give the bible a try, why should they for it is only a book. Besides with Catholic Priests molesting children and crazy television preachers proclaiming wealth if only you send them a seed, money to show God you trust Him. Christianity has become their own worst enemy. Who in the world would want to get involved in that crackery? It would be interesting to know how many folks who attend church services today have actually read the bible. Recently I had made a statement based on information gleaned from the bible and was unfriended on FB for doing so. The individual claimed she knew God, but has never read the bible. Indicating she never would read the bible, not even in a million years. How many folks are just like her finding the bible offensive, hateful, and defiled?

To be truthful The Bible is a fanciful and very strange read. It is a story of a Loving Creator whom slaughters folks to make room for His People and later slaughters His Son or to complicate this even more, slaughter Himself since He and His Son are one, so that we can have ever lasting life. Then God has given us a small period of time to accept Him and His Son as our salvation from the filth which we are or we will be thrown into a lake of fire to suffer for eternity. Then we are warned to turn to Him for He is going to return to this earth to once again annihilate the population by fire.

All of this is downright foolishness isn’t it? However this foolishness is a cover and is actually designed into the fabric of this book. This book is The Word, the voice of an Almighty God and He has chosen to disguise this book as foolishness to the non-believer. In reality, if God wants you to understand The Bible you will grow a yearning for it and will find yourself reading it and studying it and then all of a sudden magic happens. The Word of God begins to reveal a true, individual message, to you the reader. If you find you do not care about the bible and certainly do not yearn after it, well then God doesn’t want you to know the bible. It is part of the plan. I would be asking myself, “Why doesn’t God want me to read His Word?”

From the beginning God was and is Love. As the almighty God He created folks so He could be loved and honored by them. However, He did not create robots who would just obey no matter what. What type of love is that? God in a way introduced evil into the world when He placed the tree of knowledge into the Garden of Eden. Had He not put the tree there, Adam and Eve would never have been tempted to do wrong in the first place. Sort of like turning a kid loose in a candy store but telling him not to eat any of the candy.

The almighty God, our creator, so wanted folks to love and obey Him willingly so He allowed them to choose and you know the result of that was. Yet God still loved them. When Cain murdered Abel, did God send Cain to jail? No, God put a protective mark on Cain so no one would harm Him. After the murder of Abel folks became crueler and meaner, turning further and further from God. Actually these folks had not a clue on how to act but God desired the people would Love Him. But they didn’t. Even so God did not hold their sins against them He just let them be like He did with Cain.

Later the population on the earth became so mean and vile except for a handful. In Love towards the populace and the handful of believers God flooded the world destroying all except the handful. Sounds awful but God did not hold the sins against any of them. Those whom drowned were taken into the next life however that works, into a much less stressful and a more blissful state. Actually it was tougher on those left behind. Later the story repeats itself. Folks turn vile and there are annulations except for a few. So God does have an Achilles Heal, God can not make us love Him. Here is this Creator so wanting us to Love Him but time after time we reject Him.

Later God allowed folks to know what sin is through His Law which gave to Moses. Even then God realized the folks couldn’t keep themselves from sinning so God allowed animal sacrifice to help them atone for their sins and to also teach and direct them to the next step in His plan. This short period of time from the introduction of The Law to Moses until God Himself as the Son of Man appeared on earth, maybe 2000 or so years, God laid down the hammer, spanked the child for almost touching the hot stove to try to teach man how to live. This was a hard, actually an impossible law to follow, it was made this way. Folks learned they were helpless, they just couldn’t do it. God had them primed just right for His next step. God as the Son, complicated concept but one which is revealed to a believer, came to earth to once again teach of His Love, present His Promises, and then to Offer His Life so we could have life, in order so we would Love God. God really wants us to love Him. How do you love God, you do so by trusting and obeying in Him. Anyways, the story continues where through the gospels we may learn of His Love for us and in return may Love Him back. So even though God no longer walks among us as He did in the bible days, He has sent His spirit to comfort and guide us.

With all of this said, we now come back to the bible, the book of foolishness. This Holy Spirit is the secret to understanding the bible. There are many bible scholars and folks who dwell into the bible as a hobby and so forth, but these are not necessarily those gifted with the Holy Spirit. Before Jesus was crucified He told His disciples He would send the Holy Spirit after He left this world. The purpose of the Holy Spirit was to open the eyes, hearts, and mind of those folks to better understand Christ our Savior and what He has done for us, what He plans for us, what He wants of us and so forth.

Reading and living The Word of God is two different concepts. Anyone can read the book of foolishness, but to understand it you must apply yourself. You must accept the salvation offered and you must accept the gift of the Holy Spirit in order to understand this book of foolishness. The person with this gift of the Spirit you will find yearning to dive into The Bible. Every moment of every day this person’s thoughts will be of God. To know more and more about God the person will dwell more and more on God’s Word.

Folks are afraid this book is just one book and how stymied can you get. This is not true for this book will open your eyes to more and more resources. God will gladly reveal to you His Love anyway possible however you will be drawn constantly to The Bible.

The Bible starts with creation, then unto making a nation of followers, and then into inviting all into the story which all leads into a very interesting ending only to find out it is yet another beginning. God’s story is inviting and really full of Love. Read God’s Word, invited God into your life, accept His free gift of the Holy Spirit, Love God and just wait and see what happens. Is this book really foolishness, or much more than gold and silver. I guess it all depends if you are just reading this book or if you are actually becoming part of the never-ending story.

Be Still My Soul

November 3, 2013

Saw this video today and I simply loved it.

Presenting my Father’s Works

October 14, 2013

Dad and I grew close the last few years of his life by means of this blog. My wife created and gave my dad, Frank J. Surface, this blog when he was about 77 years old. From 77 until dad reached the age of 80, he poured his heart out into this blog. A few days after turning 80, dad died.

My relationship with dad was mainly over the internet during his last years. I even started writing a few posts of my own to put within dad’s blog. Anna and I would help dad with the difficulties of blogging and the computer. After dad died a little over two years ago, I started on a spiritual journey of which I am still on.

I had no idea dad was going to die when I presented to him my idea of including posts within his blog and to start something which could continue long after dad was gone. Dad very much approved of this idea however I have not done so much with this blog since dad’s passing. So I think better late than never. Here is dad’s response from my email about continuing his writings:

Preston, you seem to be able to read my thoughts, ideas which I have and was afraid to approach you on. I would like for all my research to be where the world could see it. I see the scriptures in a much different light than do most of the religious world. There are so many deep routes within them which escape the casual reader very easily.

I know that when I am gone that they would just disappear as if they had never been, and to me that is sad. You are able to clock into the technology that I am not able to even understand, let alone use. So I certainly do agree with your ideas on the matter whole heartedly.

You do not have to understand the scriptures in such detail. Fact is they are not even needed. All that is needed is for one to accept Jesus into their heart and life, ask for the forgiveness of sins, and live a pure clean life. That is all that is necessary. Two commandments Jesus gave, follow those and nothing else is needed. Love God with all your heart body and soul, and love your neighbor as yourself, that is all it is, simple as daylight and dark. What is right and what is wrong is automatically written on your heart, you have known that from the very first, these things you do not have to learn.

What I do is because it is what I enjoy, not because I feel it is a dire necessity, I do it because I know that the scriptures are nothing more than a vast code of sorts that can be broken down to find the real meanings. As a radio operator we had codes that we went by, and I am able to see a code when it is before me, and that is what the scriptures are, codes, with key phases and key words, that hide the true meanings. The scriptures had to be inspired due to the fact that they are so closely intertwined up through all the ages.

I hope to publish all I have eventually, it will take some time, due to having to redo some of my first articles that I put up on the blog. I am doing them with different titles.

Thank Anna for helping me out with the archive thing, I think that is great what she is doing. All for now —Love Dad—

Abraham Offers Isaac

July 14, 2013

Abraham offers Isaac Caravaggio Painting

Lately God has revealed to me more about this sacrifice of which I have always had a hard time understanding. The first revelation came while reading “The Pursuit of God” by A.W. Tozer. Tozer explains Abraham finally had the boy of which God promised him 100 years earlier so he could father a nation of believers. This boy, born from a 90 year old woman, was the apple of his dad’s eye and heart. Abraham whom had always placed God first in his life now had his all and all vested in his son Isaac. Abraham was prepared to do as God requested but Abraham also knew God had already made a promise of fathering the believers. Somehow Abraham figured God would intervene and thankfully did. Abraham learned of possessions of which all things belong to God. The secret being we have to let go/give in order to receive. So Abraham possessed nothing, yet was not this poor man rich? “Everything he had owned before was his still to enjoy: sheep, camels, herds, and goods of every sort. He had also his wife and his friends, and best of all he had his son Isaac safe by his side. He had everything, but he possessed nothing. There is the spiritual secret.”

The second revelation came from reading from Collins Bible Handbook, “It was customary, in dire circumstances, to sacrifice first-born children to the local deities or Baals in the land of Canaan. In this story God refuses to allow Abraham to sacrifice his son – a sure sign that child-sacrifice was not pleasing to the God of the Bible. In this dramatic story Abraham’s faith in the Lord is tested to the utmost. It remains firm. Abraham’s supreme trust in God was an example for generations to come.”

I do not pretend to understand the bible, but I do believe if I study hard enough things will be revealed to my understanding.

I Thirst

July 7, 2013

This song really struck home for me. To think my Lord whom created the heavens and earth, rivers and creeks, waterfalls and springs whom promises “If anyone thirsts, let him come to Me and drink,” and we gave Him sour wine as His dying words spake, “I Thirst.”

Who Changed the Truth of God into a Lie

June 27, 2013

Yesterday the Supreme Court of the US claimed marriage is a union between two individuals be it either man to woman, woman to woman, or man to man. As time goes on anything opposing such unions will be in violation of some sort of thing or another. Then as time continually moves on folks will be expected to embrace and promote this style of marriage.

At the same time our Heavenly Father says not to judge and this is for a good reason. Not a one of us go without sin in our life for we are a fallen people in a fallen world living within this very fallen nation. In spite of who we are or how we got here, God loves all of us. However God is the almighty creator and supreme ruler of which every knee will bow.

You can tell God loves you if you constantly curse Him for the bad things that happen in your life and you praise Him when all of a sudden you get a windfall or something fantastic happens in your life. You can tell God loves you if an article such as this one peaks your interest even though you may blow it off as nothing. You know God loves you when you get into arguments about if there is or if there isn’t a God and you feel pulled in both directions. You know God loves you when you feel taken back when a tight rope walker praises The Name of Jesus as he walks across the grand canyon, even if you think he is a nut. These are just a few of the ways God tugs at your heart trying to get your attention. God is earnestly seeking you out and really does want your love in return, but He doesn’t demand you do so. As long as God is a tugging at your heart you are in pretty good shape and it would be to your advantage to listen to Him.

On the other hand if the tugging from God goes away and He no longer affects you, I would be quite worried for you. It is written, “And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not convenient;…” All of this just to say once we start accepting things as normal or ok, when we realize they are not, we should be careful where we tread. Once we start accepting things which are wrong as right or evil as good and this doesn’t bother us we may find ourselves given over to a reprobate mind. I don’t want God to quit tugging at my heart by means which upsets me or gladdens men, for as long as He is tugging I know He loves me and cares.

Lots of folks today have been born and grew up in gay families or extended families and such boundaries have been breached and they know no better. There are folks of same sex which have strong affections toward each other, but there is a line which should be observed; unfortunately the line has been removed. However we know within our hearts right from wrong and should obey the truth instead of the lie.